The visual side of my work with Put A Cup In It includes most of the photography, all of the video editing and creation, as well as some graphics and illustration. While some brands like to hone in on a specific aesthetic I can’t seem to pick just one so the visuals I create are usually fun, colorful, but can also include more natural themes. This usually depends on the brands I’m including in the photos or video. For our Instagram I like to include shots with real people, and since I am a real person who doesn’t charge a fee, it’s usually me. 

Studio Photography

In 2017 I set up a home studio office in NC and use this space primarily to shoot photos and video for Put A Cup In It’s website and social media. In 2018 my goal was to ramp up the quality and qunatity of the Put A Cup In It Instagram to hit a goal of 10,000 followers- that goal was reached and blown out of the water as this account approaches 35k.

Video Production + Editing

Video editing, storyboarding, conceptualizing, etc for Put A Cup In It is my role. All b-roll footage is shot in my studio in NC. Team members film their own footage separately, and then the magic of editing is my task. The video aspect of PACII has been one of my chief focuses to grow the brand and by creating the most professionally produced content possible on a small budget and a 1 person editing team the PACII YouTube has seen respectable growth since 2015. I have also freelanced these services for other brands and have produced product videos for social media ads, tradeshows, and POS in Buy Buy Baby stores. 

Gif Stickers

While illustraton and graphics have not been my strongsuit I decided to take on learning Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to round out my skillsets. Creating gif stickers for PACII and The Smashing Pumpkins fan stickers were great practice in learning different techniques in both programs.They may not be the best graphics ever made but it’s a process.