18 months and 5 days old- Nursing after a boo-boo

Everett has been breastfeeding for 18 months and 6 days.  My first son Fletcher weaned at 18 months and 5 days old.  I can still vividly remember the moment I realized he would never nurse again.  We were rocking together in the glider and each night I would nurse him while doing so to get him to fall asleep.  That night he didn’t need to nurse to fall asleep and he never did again.  I shed a few tears as an important chapter of our lives came to a close.

Today means I have been nursing Everett one day longer than his brother did and weaning seems like a faraway concept and there are no plans in place.  He is still my baby!  I still wear him in my ring sling, I still nurse him many times a day and night, he still sleeps in my bed, and he even still looks like a baby to me!  When Fletcher was this age he seemed so much older.  I believe part of this is because he had quite a bit more hair and part was that he was my first and I wanted him to be “older” because his little brother would be earthside soon.

With no plans for another baby I want to keep Everett mine as long as I can.  I don’t know how long we will nurse but I don’t think it will be initiated by me.  We both find a great deal of comfort in our nursing sessions and he is easily soothed when a boo-boo happens or his brother hurts his feelings.

We’ve beaten tongue-tie, work trips away, new teeth, and even the dangers of toddlerdom (ya know, crazy acrobatics at the breast, ninja kicks, fun stuff like that) to make it this far.

I’ve put together a gallery of my favorite photos from our nursing adventure so far starting with a photo from his first latch all the way up to yesterday.  (I did the same for Fletcher to celebrate our 1 year milestone) You might see a boob (or two)- be warned.

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  1. The realization that I am nursing my last baby {4th} really hit reading this post and I couldn’t hold back my tears! I plan on nursing my 9 month old until he is ready to stop. I am secretly begging and pleading that he will nurse for at least 2 years. My others weaned themselves between 11 and 12 months but they weren’t EBF as he is. {He does eat other foods, but breast milk is his MAIN source of nutrition and ONLY source of hydration.}

    Mamas like yourself give me so much inspiration to complete this goal I have! The photos are GORGEOUS. I think I cried even more looking at each and every one. It is my goal to have my best friend capture at least one good breast feeding photo that I can cherish for always. Thank you SO INCREDIBLY MUCH for sharing and being such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you! I took most of the photos myself since no one is really around to capture any of our nursing sessions so if you don’t get a friend to take a photo try taking one yourself so you have that to look back on. I’m so glad I have taken photos with each child. I often look at those pictures of Fletcher and I (my first son) as well.

      1. I have yet to perfect the self-portrait, but I haven’t really tried…lol. With my 50mm I would have to set up a tripod, and then nurse, and who knows what I’d end up with. lol I should at least take more with my phone or something. ^_^

  2. These photos are beautiful! Especially the last one, you can really see the connection between you two in that one. Nursing my baby has means so much to me, I try to explain it to others and I just can’t. Its everything. He is my 2nd child and is 9 months old now. I plan on nursing him until he is 2 at least, and I’m not afraid to let anyone know that. Once he is two, I will let him wean at his own pace. The swing picture made me giggle, its funny all the places you end up nursing and the interesting things you do with a baby attached. I nurse mine in the carseat with all our belts buckled, at the grocery store, in restaurants, walking down the sidewalk, at the playground, in the backyard (neighbors think I”m nuts!). My hubby says I ‘m a super mom because I can nurse and change a diaper at the same time or tie my toddlers shoes while nursing the baby, and other interesting gymnastics like that.

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos, they really do take your breath away!

  3. How beutiful. My youngest is not 18months yet but everything else fits perfectly into our world right. I was actually thinking about all of this just a few days ago. Blessed are you who leeps your baby yours 🙂

  4. I too got teary eyed. Gorgeous photos Kim!! I am nursing my daughter Alba (she is almost 5 months old) and we are both so attached to it and loving every moment.  I tried with my son, but as a new mom (and young, I was 21), I was easily pressured into bottle-feeding and I just didn’t stick with it like I should have. I still to this day regret it. So I was determined to breast-feed my daughter and not make excuses. And the fact that she refuses bottles (breast-milk and formula) makes it even better! I love knowing that I am giving her the best I can. She has already gained over 10lbs since birth. And I love that if she is upset I can soothe her with a breast. I didn’t really have my fiancee’s support with my son, but we talked about it before we had our daughter and he realized how haunted I am for not breast-feeding our son and he has whole heartedly supported breast-feeding our daughter. Even my son is a huge helper and he knows how important it us. He commented the other day about how big she is getting and said, “It’s because Alba drinks momma’s good boobie-milk.”. I plan to hit one year, and then she can stop when she is ready. And you gotta admit, it is soooo cute when your baby comes of the breast fast asleep with milk dribbling down their chin and cheeks!!

  5. AWW I know my son just turned one and ppl are telling me to stop nursing him that  he is old enough. I don’t listen because I to feel just as much comfort in nursing as he gets from it. Before I was a mom I thought I would be the one mom that says “I can’t wait to stop nursing” but I was wrong. I never understood why would a mom want a baby sucking at the boob all the time? Now that he falls asleep without nursing I think to myself I don’t want it to end. I love nursing my baby. It something that him and I only know that comforts of which makes it that much more special. I love your story’s they help me feel better and normal for doing that things I do for my son. Thanks!

  6. Awwwwww!  Your pics are sooooo sweet.  I wish I’d take more.  I know that our journey with breastfeeding has been rough, but now that all is going well it’s the best parts of my day.  I love the time that Linc and I spend bonding.  I had to LOL about the swing feeding.  I was just at the zoo and fed Linc while walking around the zoo.  It wasn’t easy, but when you’ve got older kids that want to keep going there’s no stopping for a snack.  

    -Chana Putnam from Adventures In Fluff

  7. First, props for posting pictures of yourself nursing — you have more guts than I.  While I have no qualms about nursing my toddler in public, I cringe at photos being taken of myself.
    Second, I totally cried too when my daughter stopped nursing.  She was between 12 and 13 months and the same as your oldest — very mature and she just decided she didn’t need it anymore and she was done.  It was nighttime and she just fell asleep in my arms.
    I’m still nursing my baby at 14.5 months.  He is still such a baby in every way compared to his sister at the same age and I love every second of it.  Its like I blinked and my daughter grew up grew up.  My son is just making sure I get a good solid dose of baby 🙂
    I’ll be working long hours 45 minutes from home come July so I don’t know if we will keep going, as much as I would love to.

  8. I was literally just upstairs nursing DS#2 who just woke up for a minute, and I was thinking, “wow, DS#1 weaned sometime in his 16th month…#2 just turned 16 months but he seems so much smaller!”  Then I came down here, and saw this link on KellyMom’s fb!  Great post and totally what was on my mind tonight.  At 16 months, #1 was nursing only in the mornings and the occasional night; #2 nurses 2-3x/day and still wakes at night (sometimes nurses, sometimes not – we had night weaned but then those pesky molars broke through).   He just seems so much smaller – again, he has less hair and of course an older, louder, 3 yr brother being “the big boy”.  I’m tying to enjoy these moments because I know they aren’t going to last much longer.  🙂 

    Have a great night!

  9. Beautiful pictures. Craziest place I have nursed is on a carousel and thanks to my hubby I have a pic of it. These will be the treasures we can hold onto of our special time 🙂

  10. Congrats!  I’m 2 years, 2 months (continuously) and tandem nursing two boys.  Not to brag or anything.  I think it’s getting less and less unusual for people to wean around the 1 year mark.

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