This pregnancy I decided to take more belly pictures since I took virtually none the first time around.  I managed to remember almost every single week unless we were out of town. The first photo I took I had my hair towel in, and was in underwear.  That sort of became the trend to keep it consistent.  The quality of the photos in’t that great since I used my iPhone.  This was probably my last pregnancy so I am glad I will have a special way to remember it.

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  1. Love the slideshow! I took a weekly(ish) photo during my pregnancy with my son since I only have two awful photos of my pregnant with my daughter! Mine were just maternity shirt pics though!

  2. Great, thanks for sharing! You can really see how you dropped that last week. I took a picture each week also and made it into a book from Shutterfly. In the book I also included a photo of my daughter at a day old, a snapshot of her stats card that was attached to the bassinet in the hospital and then a picture of my husband with her and myself with her on the last pages. I titled it “Before You Were Born” and hope she enjoys looking at the pictures when she’s a little older.

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