Today is the kind of day that makes you want to do nothing but be outside.  Alas… I have diapers to wash.  But Fletcher and I walked to CLIC to sew pillowcases for patients, among other sewing projects we do there to raise money for CLIC.  Here are some pictures I took while out.  I have nothing in particular planned for a blog post today but I like to keep it up and running.  Enjoy!









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  1. I just want to you know how much I appreciate your blog. I found you on youtube. However today when you posted your pic I realized you are in my area. I live in L’pool. I have been reading you blog since before TX. We have been ttc for a while and I am always researching eco-friendly/AP ways that I want to raise my child. Are you on the yahoo ap list?
    Thanks again for your great ideas and very fun interesting informative blog. I love it.

  2. I didn’t know there was a Yahoo AP list. I will have to check it out. You are in Liverpool? There is a lady who blogs from liverpool also, She is into similar things and you guys must live close!!! I am glad you like my blog. I wish you so much luck TTC!

  3. Hey! It was a beautiful day!
    I did get wipes, I make my own solution with olive oil, tea tree oil, lots of water and a splash of california baby wash. It works great and it smells yummy. I also change it up with aloe. I am trying to build that stash you saw for the next one on the way…also so I can do dirty diaper laundry every OTHER day, not every day! hehehe lets get together again soon!

  4. You will definitely want some Kissaluv size 0 for the new baby! Or some nanipoos fitteds. They are so cute on a newborn! We will get together again soon I am sure. i am teaching Fletcher how to be a cage fighter so he can protect himself from your son heh!!! Oh, and I am too lazy to make my own. I use monkey doodlez.

  5. yes it is syracuse_ap_parent. It is on yahoo under group. Thanks for the luck.
    I will check out the other local blog. Thanks for the tip.
    I hope to see you around. Ap group is great people sell things, give tips, advice, Mothers Night Out, and playgroups. It is really great. Hope you like it as much as I do.

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