Yesterday morning it was my turn to sleep in.  Hallelujah!  This meant my husband got to do the first diaper change of the day.  Well, I had very few diapers to choose from that were clean.  There was a load of clean, dry diapers in the dryer… which is in the basement.  I believe the choices available for my husband were fitteds, g diapers, gro baby, and a straggling pocket.  He chose a Piddle Poddles fitted.  

A bit after this change my husband brings my son in to my bed for me to nurse him.  This is how this conversation went.

“He is wearing a fitted.  He needs a cover.  This isn’t waterproof.”

“Oh, ok.  He is hungry.”

“I will feed him when he has a cover on, I don’t want pee to leak through in my bed or on me.”

Shortly after: Husband enters.


“This isn’t a waterproof cover.”

“What do you mean, it is a cover.  There are now two layers of fabric.”

“Yes, but this is a G Diaper cover, not a waterproof cover.  Go get a Gro baby and just use that as a cover.”

He was able to find a gro baby and put it on our son.  I don’t actually own “covers”.  I use fitteds coverless around the house for when I want my son’s junk to be able to breathe.


This is the diaper in question, a Piddle Poddle fitted, OBV, with variegated rainbow serging
This is the diaper in question, a Piddle Poddle fitted, OBV, with variegated rainbow serging



I am lucky enough to have a husband who supports my cloth diapering addiction, in practice and in the financial department as well.  Sometimes, we have “misunderstandings” such as these, where I suggest a specific diaper be used, and he has no clue what I am talking about.  Or, I don’t request a particular diaper and he picks one that won’t work for the situation at hand.  At least he knows which diapers are “nighttime” diapers (the thick ones heh) and which ones to use during the day (most of the time.)  I have heard stories from other moms whose husbands refuse to change a cloth diaper, so I consider myself pretty lucky.  Thanks hubby!


I was able to sleep in to 10:30.  I was a happy mama!

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  1. First off – congrats on getting to sleep until 10:30am. I cannot remember the last time I slept that late. 🙂 Hubby is really supportive of cloth diapering – not my addiction and wanting more and more diapers but still he is happy that we use cloth. He changes diapers without a problem. I do have to put the nighttime dipes in a different area (with her pajamas) but other than that we do fine. 🙂

  2. My husband is really supportive as well, since I’m still trying different systems he is a bit confused at the moment. During daytime, around the house, I use flat diaper folded ‘the chinese way’ with a Bummis cover.
    He put on a flat under a (pocket) fuzzi bunz cover….and concluded that that was really uncomfortable for our baby….;)
    Congrats on your sleep in!

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