I currently live in Charlotte, NC with my two boys and husband. I was born and raised in the small town of Salisbury, NC and attended college at UNC Charlotte. After graduating in 2007 with a BA in History I moved to Syracuse, NY with my soon-to-be husband. We made the choice to start a family right away for a few reasons, all ones we are grateful for in hindsight. We also decided I would “stay-at-home” with the new baby. I was excited about the life of being a wife and mom and had no idea that, in fact, I would hate that calling and wasn’t suited for a domestic life.

To cure my boredom I turned to the Internet and researched all of the things related to babyhood, particularly cloth diapers. I was a woman on a mission and before long I was educating other parents online in forums. As I had done during my high school days, I started a website. This one wouldn’t be about my love of Smashing Pumpkins and full of SP gifs, but about cloth diapering! I took my basic website building and photoshop skills to task and soon Dirty Diaper Laundry was born in 2009.

DDL, as it came to be known, grew to be the most popular cloth diapering resource online and became a real paying full-time job. I taught myself videography and editing, developed more Photoshop skills, and grew the website through the burgeoning world of social media. I played the game and did well as an “online personality,” amassing tens of thousands of Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube fans. I also turned to more lucrative jobs in the freelance world for other cloth diaper businesses. In time, my focus shifted as my babies were outgrowing their cloth diapers. I had begun filming videos on another reusable hygiene item- the menstrual cup.

With over a million views, my menstrual cup how-to video was the signal that I should move on to a new, growing category online. I took the skills I had self-developed in the 6 years of DDL and decided to start a new website, partially inspired by a sign in a rest stop that read “Do NOT flush feminine hygiene devices.” I wanted to design stickers that said “Don’t flush it, Put A Cup In It” as a humorous response to these signs. The two ideas came together and after recruiting another blogger with graphics and web skills the website Put A Cup In It was launched in 2015. I left the company in July, 2020. 

Period Nirvana and Period.Shop are my new business endeavors, launched in September 2020. Period Nirvana is the education and advocacy arm, where my written and video content about menstrual cups, discs, and other reusables are shared. Period.Shop is an online retail store for reusable menstrual products, the first in the US. Launching both has been an enormous labor of love. 

With growing kids I took time to also explore my personal interests outside of work. Since I was 10 years old I have been a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan. After I had my children I stopped listening to the band and their music while I focused solely on parenting infants and growing my business. I only left my kids for short business trips, but most often took the youngest with me. It never occured to me until 2016 that I could travel without them to do something I wanted to do for me. I made the decision to fly to Nashville for a Smashing Pumpkins show and since that concert I have been rediscovering myself through rediscovering the band. They were and are as much a part of me as my own skin and it feels amazing to have their music and concerts back in my life. I’ve now flown to several shows, including to Europe, and I’ve never been happier in my personal life. My husband is a supporter and enabler of my expensive concert habit and for that I’m grateful. I find it amazing that my love of SP has inadvertently created my career online. My first website was designed and built around that band and I learned Photoshop to make gifs for their forum in the early 2000’s. Today, I make gifs for the band for fun and run a website for my career. I always say that I owe SP everything and I mean that in so many ways.