TikTok’s menstrual cup and disc expert, I help people worldwide succeed with their period products. My videos have gained hundreds of millions of views across my social media platforms as @periodnirvana. I’ve been featured by trusted publications such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue Business, NYLON, and BBC News. I’m a NC native, currently living in Charlotte.

In 2020 I launched Period Nirvana and Period.Shop. Period Nirvana is a website dedicated to my educational resources including the popular Period Nirvana menstrual cup quiz, painstakingly designed over 6 months to be the most accurate on the web. Period.Shop is the first curated reusable period products store in the US. I select the best brands that address the spectrum of needs for menstruators. Period.Shop ships from a Rock Hill warehouse – we have an incredible shipping partner that has helped us grow from our earliest days of just 1 order a day, to days where we can ship hundreds. 

Kim Rosas x Hello Disc is a dream collaboration with the Hello Period Co. team. Together, we have designed the most accessible and easiest to use reusable menstrual disc. After a successful Kickstarter that fully funded in just 6 days, the retail launch has been an even bigger success. The first run has already sold out and a second run is in the works. Hello can’t keep up with the demand.

As a consultant, I work with the top reusable period brands in the world to help them refine their product designs, identify improvement opportunities, assist with marketing and messaging, and guide them through user instructions to make sure their products and materials are perfect. 

I like to have my hands in everything, both a strength and an exhausting attribute. I run it all for Period Nirvana and Period.Shop – creative, photography, videography and editing, props, marketing, social media, vendors, logistics, purchasing, and content. As a quickly growing business it’s becoming impossible to manage alone but for a start-up knowing a bit of everything has made it possible to bootstrap the growth without bringing on employees early.

In my off time, I’m traveling (safely) with my supportive family or solo to see my favorite band on tour.