Kim Rosas is a trusted expert on the topic of reusable period products, the owner of the first reusable period products store in the US, Period.Shop, and co-designer of the innovative Hello Disc that launched in 2022. Over the last decade, Kim has contributed her expertise on the record and in the background for pieces covering reusable period products. In 2021 Kim’s @PeriodNirvana TikTok first went viral, cementing her status as the top reusable period product expert in the English-speaking world, referred to by prominent OB/GYN’s, pelvic floor specialists, globally sold period care brands, and period experts. Content produced by Kim Rosas for @PeriodNirvana receives over 10 million views monthly across multiple platforms.

Good Housekeeping – Paid Time Off Should Include Period Time Off

The instinct to “fight through any symptom and say, ‘Anything you can do, I can do bleeding,’” is a remnant of old-school feminism, says Kim Rosas, a menstrual educator. “At some point, you have to recognize that maybe it didn’t have to be that way to begin with.”

Cosmopolitan – How to Clean a Menstrual Cup

“That’s where the whisk trick comes in. Kim Rosas, founder of PeriodNirvana, a menstrual cup educator and reusable period product consultant and designer, recommends putting your cup inside a whisk inside the pot of boiling water to keep it nice and safe from burning and forcing you to buy a new one, which would therefore defeat the purpose of this whole sustainable period product thing.”

NYLON – The Best Menstrual Cups for Heavy Flows

“The basics of a menstrual cup is that it’s a reusable, internal period product that sits inside the vagina and collects menstrual fluid — quite literally a little cup for your period. Menstrual cups have grown in popularity because they are not just beneficial for the environment, your wallet, and your body’s comfort, but also because they just do their job well, as Kim Rosas, period educator and founder of Period Nirvana, puts it. “They really work at collecting period blood instead of absorbing it,” Rosas says.

Motherly – This viral TikTok shows you exactly how period cups work (and why they can’t get lost!)

“…when I stumbled upon the incredible period cup resource that is @periodnirvana‘s tiktok account, I went deep into the rabbit hole. (Ok, that’s an unfortunate phrase given the subject but if anyone has an alternative please LMK.) All of their content is super informative and if you’re considering making the switch, I can’t recommend it highly enough. But the absolute first place to start is with their bonkers-viral Tiktok of how period cups work. (Who would have thought tiktok period cup content would be my go-to entertainment?)”

Stylist – Why can’t I use a menstrual cup? 3 common problems and what to do about them

Kim Rosas founder of Period Nirvana explains: “Many people try three-to-five products before finding their perfect cup, but they’re always so happy they stuck with it when that last one does finally work…. “Using a menstrual cup with lots of lubricant and picking a petite starter cup are both ways that some people with vaginismus have seen success,” says Rosas. “The important thing is to stop at any sign of pain or extreme stress.”

Eye on Design – Modern Period Brands Used to Blend In. Now, Like Everything Else, They’re All About Standing Out

In 2020, Rosas launched Period.Shop, an online store with a tight edit of products, mostly menstrual cups and disks, sourced from around the world. Her number one criterion for inclusion on her site is proprietary design. Rosas says that white-labeling — the practice of buying a product from a manufacturer and putting a brand name on it — is a big problem in the industry. “There’s 50 brands of cups that are identical and they’re all different prices,” she says. “You’re just buying the box or the brand.”

Adore Media – Video Interview Feature 

A 4-minute interview video highlighting the educational content produced and shared by Kim Rosas to the @PeriodNirvana social media platforms shared on Instagram.

Input Magazine – TikTok Thinks Periods are Icky

On TikTok, Rosas has 230,000 followers, and her videos have nine million likes. Over the last year, Rosas has received multiple warnings from TikTok threatening her with a ban — which eventually happened on March 21, for repeated supposed violations of community guidelines. The decision — which was quickly reversed after Rosas reached out to a fellow OBGYN educator with a contact at TikTok — frustrated the creator.”

Healthline – 4 Best Tampon Alternatives to Try When You’ve Had Enough of Tampons, According to Experts

It’s a common misconception that tampons are better and hold more blood than their reusable counterparts, says Kim Rosas, an expert in the reusable period care space, from Period Nirvana.

“It will, of course, depend on which alternative you choose, but most internally worn reusables, such as menstrual cups and discs, hold anywhere from two to five times more than a regular absorbency tampon. This is because they collect period blood rather than absorb it,” Rosas says.

BuzzFeed This Company Is Making Menstrual Discs That’ll Give You Hours Of Leakproof Protection

“The Hello Disc was designed by a registered nurse and co-founder Mary Bond and period expert Kim Rosas, who owns a sustainable period products store in the US.”

NewsHub – Hello Disc Launches World-First Menstrual Disc

“A design collaboration with US-based period product expert Kim Rosas, the Hello Disc came to fruition after a successful Kickstarter campaign which saw the product fully funded in six days.”

Vogue Business – Why this period care brand is offering cradle to the grave analysis

“‘By getting more involved in the consumer reporting, [it] allows them to respect the intelligence of the consumer, instead of just saying, ‘Trust us, we’re doing the things that we say we’re going to do,’ says Kim Rosas, a reusable period-care expert, who says Aisle is at the top in terms of transparency and reporting in the industry compared to underwear brands and period-cup brands.”

Mashable – Menstrual cups and discs: What do you need to know, and which is right for you?

“For day-to-day cleaning, use a liquid soap that is both fragrance- and oil-free and run it under cold water. Overall, you should follow the care instructions included with your cup as each brand has different advice, according to the period education website Period Nirvana.”

The List -Menstrual Cup Hacks That Can Make Using Them Easier

“Or, if you’re someone who prefers to learn by watching videos,  … Period Nirvana… pretty popular channels that offer a wealth of knowledge and hacks for how to make menstrual cups feel more comfortable and leakage-proof.”

Woman & Home – The best menstrual cups for every flow and body shape

“‘Most brands suggest sizing based on your age and/or pregnancy history, Kim Rosas, Founder of Period Nirvana told us. ‘Our muscles relax as we age and also through carrying a full-term pregnancy, so if you’re over 30 or have had a baby you’re likely going to need a larger size.’”

Livestrong – The 7 Best Period Products for More Manageable Menstruation

Not sure which one is right for you? Dr. Horton recommends using a site like Period Nirvana to help you weigh the pros and cons of each product, including a quiz to help you determine the best option based on factors like your age and activity level.

Go Aunt Flo – Meet Kim Rosas of Period Nirvana

“There’s always one or two uncomfortable conversations that parents have to have with their children surrounding menstruation and sex. It’s usually just like your last relationship, complicated. But thankfully, Reusable Menstrual Cup Expert Kim Rosas is helping parents tackle at least one. People helping people. Period.®”

BBC News -The people fighting pollution with plastic-free periods

Featured in a video interview discussing online period product education in 2018 as part of this article and shared to BBC News social media.

Power to Decide – Menstruation: Discovery, Determination, and Discs

“Curious about how to find out what product might be right for you? I recommend starting with the free quiz on Its creator, Kim Rosas, is one of a million women that uncovered the value of exploring her body. She wants to help all girls on this journey to being comfortable in their bodies, yet still willing to explore new ways to serve and love them.”