Birthday Yearly Photo Project

At some point in 2008, I decided to take a cute photo of my son on his 1st birthday with a “1” made of raked leaves. At the time, this seemed like an innocent enough idea and we lived in Syracuse where our sloped back yard was full of leaves in November. This became a […]

Inauguration Day BINGO 2021

I wanted to share the celebratory mood with neighbors and friends so I put together 5 pages of Inauguration Day BINGO sheets. Download the PDF and print to play with your household while watching the Biden/Harris Inauguration. Not responsible for the more bleak predictions coming true. Download FREE Inauguration Day BINGO Sheets

To new beginnings

I’ve decided on a change of direction and am leaving my role as co-director of Put A Cup In It. I’m so proud of my involvement building the platform but it’s time for something new. PACII has been a huge part of my life for 5 years and I am so proud of the success […]

Smashing Pumpkins Band Member AR Filter Quiz

Smashing Pumpkins AR Filter Band Member Quiz

Smashing Pumpkins Band Member for IG Jumping on the “WHO/WHAT/WHICH” AR Filter band wagon here is a quiz for Smashing Pumpkins fans to see “which Smashing Pumpkins Band Member” they are. IG Filters can not use photo realistic images so to make this quiz I had to use Adobe Illustrator to make portraits of each […]

Gif Library by Category

Examples of Gif Stickers for Instagram and Snapchat for upload to a Giphy Channel Text or Simple Images for Basic Gifs Using existing logos, text phrases, or animating an image with simple motions to create a gif. Examples of Text Based or Simple Images in this category:   Custom Layering of Text, Logos, or Images […]

Lattes + Gear- My Coffee Battlestation

Since so many people have followed my coffee journey this is the perfect place to share my battlestation details and links to the resources I’ve used to learn the art of espresso making. I’m far from an expert but I feel my skills at espresso pulling and latte art are moderate and I’d be hirable […]