I just met my husband for lunch.  I was naughty and had Arby’s- a beef and cheddar and a jamocha shake.  I have been good this week so I cheated a little.  Plus as of today I am officially down to my pre-pregnancy weight!  I still have a few to lose but hurray!  After lunch Fletcher and I went to Wal-Mart (ewww) to get some clothes pins and baby sunscreen.  I put him in my rockin’ baby sling in the kangaroo hold (facing forward with legs tucked in indian style) and we did our shopping. 


Generally, he is not a happy baby while shopping.  I can wear him, put him in his stroller, or whatever.  He is not happy!  Today, he was AMAZING.  He held my hand while I pushed the cart almost the entire time, or he played with my reusable shopping back which was in the front of the cart in the seat.  Of course everyone was staring and saying “awwww how cute” and whatnot.  Babies in pouches= people magnet.  They are quite the eye catching accessory.  While I checked out he got fussy but then it was in the car and he loves riding in the car.  


One more thing.  Baby sunglasses or hats are also people magnets.  In my husband’s office everyone was goggley eyes over his sunglasses.  And at the park when he wore a golf hat it sparked many comments.  So yeah, they are needed but it is kind of annoying.  I know my baby is cute but I am not sure I need everyone to stop and tell me!  Well, I guess they can!   I need to mail a package so I think we are going to walk to the post office.  Woo-hoo sunshine!  


And for everyone finding me, leave a comment and say hello or sign up to be a follower!   I am going to do another video soon comparing the gro baby diaper and g diapers!!!

Fletcher at the park wearing shades
Fletcher at the park wearing shades

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