I am finally committing to a blog conference for this year. In August I will be hitting the skies and flying out to San Diego for BlogHer with my family in tow!!! I wrestled with the decision, mainly due to the controversy surrounding the sponsors and swaggyness, but in the end I knew as long as I keep my head on straight and plan my sessions accordingly it will be educational and worth the trip.
I'm Wearing a Cute Baby to BlogHer '11!

Besides, all of my bloggy friends and tweeps are going.  It will be a huge cloth diaper party!

I have decided to get very serious about my blog this year.  It was a hobby, then it became a side job, and now I am working on optimizing it to be worth the time I put into it.  I have a sitter come once a week which allows me time to work on posts and videos, but she costs quite a bit of money!

So, if you are looking to have your brand represented at BlogHer and be promoted on my blog, won’t you consider sponsoring Dirty Diaper Laundry?

My site receives 16,000-30,000 visits a month, depending on the events going on.  My readers are very engaged and usually spend about 3 minutes at each visit.  And my traffic is always growing!  There are over 1,100 Google Followers and over 1,000 people receive my blog daily in their email!  I am also currently in the process of starting a monthly newsletter.

I also have a wonderful and active Facebook Fanpage! 1,700 people “like” me, but hopefully they really like me too!  I also have 2,700 followers on Twitter. On YouTube I have a rapidly growing number of subscribers to my video reviews and informational videos.  Right now I am at over 400!

Because my audience is fairly specific (female, mostly 25-34, mothers, cloth diaper lovers, a little crunchy) I am looking for sponsors in that same vein.  This will be the best fit for everyone!

I have to say, I love my readers!  And since they are reading this too, let me promise you that I would only represent a brand I am familiar with and love.  You won’t start reading tweets and posts about Licorice Bites or something. Blech!

If you decide to sponsor I will:

The total estimated cost of attending BlogHer is $1,800. This includes 3 nights Hotel Stay, cost of ticket (already purchased), and round trip airfare for myself.

Ideally I would like to split the cost 3 ways which means each sponsor will pay $600.

I am not a mega mommy blogger and I am ok with that. I do stand behind the integrity of my blog, the purpose, and the quality of the content.  I am so very excited to have to opportunity to learn how to make my blog a better one.   I love what I do and want to continue to blog for a long time!

If you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities with me in greater detail, including the different levels of sponsorship, shoot me an email! kdrosas at gmail dot com.

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  1. Kim I hope you get some great sponsorships and I hope I speak for the majority of your readers when I say we TOTALLY trust you to not become one of those annoying review-anything-offered-to-you people online. You do such a great job of reviewing things honestly and thoroughly, and always stuff relevant to your readership. I hope you get some awesome new sponsorships for your trip! Good luck with your blog revamping this year too. 🙂

    1. Thanks Erin! That means a lot! I definitely enjoy reviewing products that are relevant and worth promoting! I am selective and receive far more offers than I accept if that tells you anything.

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