Birthday Yearly Photo Project

At some point in 2008, I decided to take a cute photo of my son on his 1st birthday with a “1” made of raked leaves. At the time, this seemed like an innocent enough idea and we lived in Syracuse where our sloped back yard was full of leaves in November. This became a […]

Inauguration Day BINGO 2021

I wanted to share the celebratory mood with neighbors and friends so I put together 5 pages of Inauguration Day BINGO sheets. Download the PDF and print to play with your household while watching the Biden/Harris Inauguration. Not responsible for the more bleak predictions coming true. Download FREE Inauguration Day BINGO Sheets

Raising Big Kids and Making Lattes

Hey. It’s been a while. When your babies turn into big kids time flies! These days you’re going to find a lot less of me online through Dirty Diaper Laundry; I’ve been quiet there for lots of reasons. It probably started after a very creepy/messed up/bizarre experience with a reader that opened my eyes to being an […]

NC New Home Tour

[metaslider id=20291] Many terrible things happened in 2016. In fact, a garbage fire is still the most accurate description I can think of for the year overall. The delay of our new home in North Carolina was one of those things but certainly not the biggest. We moved from the home we lovingly fixed up […]

Bathroom Remodel Status: Complete. From 70’s to Sleek.

After beginning the bathroom remodel process over 4 months ago I’m thrilled to call this project DONE.  After being quoted $8,000-10,000 for our little hallway size bathroom from professional contractors my husband and I unexpectedly decided that we would DIY it.  I was shocked myself but after doing so much around the home already we […]

Finally Learning to Love my Manual DSLR- The Why and How

My husband, ever the techno-lover, decided we NEEDED a fancy DSLR camera before the birth of our first son.  He researched and decided on the Nikon D80.  That was almost 4 years ago and I’ve only used the camera on Auto up until about 2 months ago.  I’m going to tell you WHY I decided […]