3 years ago Dirty Diaper Laundry was born when I hit “publish” on my very first post.  I had no idea what DDL would become.  I had no clue where I was going with the blog or that it would become a popular resource for cloth diaper information.  For fun I browsed my own blog in the Wayback Machine and saw the progression of designs and headers long forgotten.

I began with a default WordPress template then moved to my first header designed by my husband.  The photo of all of my diapers at the time, mostly Coolababy, GroBaby, and bumGenius was the background.  I still love this photo.

Next design included this little header.  It matched the button I still used until recently of the little fluffy bottomed baby.

The light blue header with sketched diapers on a line, a theme for DDL, was next.  As much as I wanted to love it I just wasn’t happy with it.  The idea was better than the execution.

Most recently I decided to design my own header and button and “re-brand” with a theme along all of my platforms, including my YouTube and Facebook pages.  I based the color scheme on a beautiful book “Caps for Sale.”  This is still the current design.

I’ve published over 1,000 posts since April 9, 2009!  They weren’t all gems or groundbreaking, or even full of content.  I use my blog for more than cloth diaper reviews.  I post about other passions in life like breastfeeding, babywearing, living a greener life, crafting, and of course my family.

Over the course of DDL’s existence I’ve filmed and uploaded 215 videos to YouTube.  130+ of those are cloth diaper video reviews.

DDL, the blog,  has been a springboard for many other ventures including my cloth diaper database- Cloth Diaper Finder, my App, and most recently my line of Cloth Diaper Advocacy T-Shirts called DDL Apparel.  Yes!  I have a clothing line!  And it is all thanks to this little blog.

I get a lot of joy from helping others begin their path to cloth diapers.  Even though I do my work from behind a computer screen it affects thousands of cloth curious parents.  Every so often I receive amazing emails or comments from the families DDL has helped inspire to use cloth diapers.  In some cases I even get emails regarding other subjects I touch on, even the most sensitive and personal post I have ever published.  Because I don’t often get to interact with the people who read my blog it really does a girl good to receive those reminders that I am doing a something that is appreciated.  The long hours, late nights, and tired typing hands sometimes want to take a break.  Getting feedback through Twitter, Facebook, comments, and emails always rejuvenates my passion and desire to keep DDL one of the best resources for cloth diaper information on the web.

When my youngest, little Everett, is no longer using cloth diapers I’ll have a decision to make about how to continue Dirty Diaper Laundry.  At his interest level in the potty it could be sooner than later.  I absolutely love blogging and having this outlet.  I also love spreading the cloth diaper love.  For now I am continuing to enjoy what I do.

A special thank you to the advertisers who make it possible to keep Dirty Diaper Laundry on the internet.  I recently started designing cloth diaper shirts by DDL Apparel to fund the blog in a more tangible way.  I appreciate the support and enthusiam for this new venture!

Because I am starting a new phase of being a WAHM and celebrating my 3 year “blogiversary” I thought it was as good a time as any to sponsor a giveaway for a “Cloth Rocks” shirt from my own line of cloth diaper shirts.  There is also a coupon code for DDL readers, FRIENDOFDDL, for Free Shipping on your entire order.  You can visit ShopDDL.com to see what is in stock.  I will have more sizes and a new design coming in a few weeks so keep an eye out!

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  1. I’d love to see a design that doesn’t have pins on it, just to make sure people know you don’t have to use them now if you don’t want to. Also, maybe eventually some colors.

  2. I don’t remember where I first heard about it, probably Facebook. I have been reading for a few months now and my favorite posts are the reviews.

  3. I have been following for several months.  I “liked” you as a contest entry.  I enjoy diaper reviews!

  4. Where did you hear about Dirty Diaper Laundry?: I honestly can’t remember.
    How long have you been reading?: Off and on for the last 7 months.
    What is your favorite post or type of content?: Anything that is informative on the “how-to’s” of cloth diapering.  🙂

  5. Where did you hear about Dirty Diaper Laundry?
    I think I heard about you through a giveawway
    How long have you been reading?
    about 3 months
    What is your favorite post or type of content?
    love to hear about new brands of cloth diapers and how to wash them!

  6. I would like more colors of shirts than just black and white. As for the design…I am really bad at that type of stuff so no suggestion there.

  7. I found one of your videos on Youtube when I was expecting my 2nd child last Fall. I had been searching for reviews on different diapers and found your site to be very helpful.

  8. I love DDL and recommend it (especially the videos) to anyone curious about cloth diapers!  I would love to see some color added to the shirts… maybe a different printing color?

  9. I think I first saw DDL in a giveaway but I can’t remember how long ago that was. Also, I like to read reviews especially ones with giveaways! 😀

  10. I’m pretty sure I found a blog post through Google, way before I was even pregnant. I kept reading every so often because I saw you were local, and thought that’s amazing, people do cloth diaper here!

    Content really doesn’t matter to me, st love what you have been doing thus far.

  11. I found DDL when I was googling info on cloth diapers. I’ve been a fan since I started cloth diapers in June/July 2011. The videos are super helpful when trying to figure out what type of cloth diapers to get.

  12. I started cloth 1 year ago this month. I never thought I would be a cloth diapering mama but I am and I am loving it!

  13. I found DDL via The Leaky B@@b! It helped me find the perfect cloth diaper for my LO 🙂 love it

  14. I started cloth diapering a few months ago and wish I had started when my daughter was born. Maybe some diaper covers with attached skirts or diaper covers with the cloth rocks image on the butt.

  15. I am pretty new to the blog. In general any info on making it easier and learning about the products out there helps.

  16. Congratulations on three years of a successful blog. Honest reviews help mama’s like me so much and keeps diaper makers on there toes ensuring great quality diapers.

  17. I started cloth diapering a year ago. I don’t remember how I found your page, but I believe it was recommended to me when I was researching what would work best for me.

  18. Been reading for just a few months, not sure how I found you. Maybe cloth diaper whisperer or fb ???? I love all posts since I have a little diaper obsession

  19. I would love to see “cloth rocks” shirts in more colors!! diapers aren’t all black and white.. why should tshirts be?? 🙂

  20. congrats on 3 years! even though I am not currently cd’ing I love to keep track of whats going on.. (since I plan to cd with future babies!).. and you help me do that! 🙂

  21. I would love more designs with witty fluffy quotes.  Love the black shirts and would freak out over tie dye designs

  22. I heard about DDL in 2010 when I was pregnant with my son and researching cloth diapers, your blog showed up in a Google search while I was trying to make sense of the different types of diapers, I’ve been reading through Google reader ever since.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite type of post, I admit to not watching the video reviews but love reading the star ratings on diapers, I also love your personal parenting posts and the “wordless” posts because your kids are so cute.

  23. Your site is amazing. It has been use a useful tool on my journey into cloth diapering. Thank you!

  24. i love your blog…also the shirts.  i have been looking for one for a while.  cloth diapers are awesome.  i think th products are great

  25. not sure my post went through.  but i think this is awesome and so hope to recieve one.  i love the shirts…maybe some design with animals!

  26. i heard of ddl on facebook about 6 months ago.  i like reading posts about everyday things, that we all are dealing with.

  27. I would love to see a bigger size shirt. 2T and up. My son is only 15 mos and needs at least a 2T =) 

    I like the cloth rocks design.. so maybe a few different color choices? 

  28. I’ve been following DDL since 2009 when I first started researching cloth diapers.  The video reviews was what got me started. Thank you!

  29. Just like cloth diapers, I’d love to see tshirts with colours and patterns.  Maybe even a few that match a couple of your favourite diapers

  30. I like the black t-shirt colour, it would also be cool to have different colour options for the image.

  31. More colors! It’s a bit hard for me to see the word “cloth” clearly–maybe it’s just me? Maybe that word could be more bold?

  32. Gosh–I can’t remember where I first heard about DDL! Maybe it was the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt back in November 2010? I have been reading since last summer, I think. I got the facebook posts since then but then just in the past few months have I been reading the blogs in my email more often. 

  33. I first found DDL when I was researching cloth diapers. I came across the youtube video reviews, and found the link from there. That was a year and a half ago. I really like the diaper reviews, but I also enjoy reading the personal posts. Your boys are so cute!

  34. I heard about DDL online, I can’t remember exactly how.  I think it was through Diaper Junction.

    I’ve only been reading for a few months now.  I’m a FTM due in June, so I have used DDL a lot for research.I enjoy the reviews and informative posts.  Definitely helped me when I was feeling clueless!

  35. Where did you hear about Dirty Diaper Laundry? Google searching when my son was an infant and I was looking for more cloth diaper info. How long have you been reading? Pretty much since the beginning! End of 2009/early 2010. What is your favorite post or type of content? Well I love the giveaways, of course! And the video reviews are soooo helpful.

  36. I would love to see more colors added to the line.  As an aside, I just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful video reviews.  I started looking into cloth diapering around the time that Everett was born (great birthing video), and I had no one to talk to about it and no store around me to see actual diapers.  Your videos helped me out alot.  Thanks for sharing.

  37. I first came across DDL through a google search and I think I answered  your question inadvertently on the mandatory question.  Love your video reviews.  They were a Godsend when I was starting out in my cloth diaper journey.

  38. Definitely would love to see more colors!  I don’t have a really little one, but maybe that design (or a different one) on onesies, as lots of parents like to put those on their newborns.  Maybe a diaper bag with that printed on it?   The list could be endless…I love the idea!

  39. Found about you guys when I started doing research in November last year on cloth diapering my then 5-month old baby.  Had to wait until tax time this year to purchase some though.  So I’ve been reading you for about4-5 months.  I loved the series “Intro to Cloth Diapers” as I had no clue what any kind of diapers they were, and your blogs helped me understand them more!

  40. I just heard about you on facebOok! Have been reading since today and I love it! It was great to see your progression! I’d love to see more colors!!!

  41. I would love to see your Cloth Rocks shirt in more colors!  I would also love to see a line supporting breastfeeding and/or babywearing.

  42. I found DDL through Facebook and I love the site! If you had adult cloth rocks shirts I’d wear them! I’d also love to see colors other than black and white.

  43. I started reading your blog and facebook posts recently (within the last 2 months) as I have just begun cloth diapering.  LOVE your crafting post about the bunny tail and totally made it!  Also, love ANY information on cloth diapering as I am so new to it all.  I heard about your blog through the grapevine of all the cloth diaper retailers on Facebook.

  44. I love the design you have now but I was thinking that maybe something without pins in it would be cool! I don’t use safety pins when diapering my little one and I think of old time cloth diapers when I see your design, but modern cloth diapers are very cool and don’t necessarily use pins and I think that a design without them may be more interesting to someone wanting to learn more about cloth diapering after seeing it. 
    I hope this makes sense. I know that some people do use pins with their cloth diapers still, but I know that turns some people away from cloth (silly as it may be). 
    I also love your video reviews!

  45. I like the shirt now, including the safety pins. It gives it that “skull and crossbones” look. But I think adding more colors to the options would be nice, or even a onesie! But I like them how they are now.

  46. I actually downloaded the “cloth diaper app” and found the videos very helpful. So, I then saw who made them and found you.
    Probably for about 5-6 months. I like when you talk about your sons, whether you just got back from vacation or it’s just a “wordless wednesday”.

  47. I’ve been reading for several months (not sure).  I like how you opened up on a personal subject.  Did a google search, I think.

  48. I found you threw a giveaway, and have been reading about a year now.  I like all posts cloth diaper related.. especially those comparing cding to disposables.

  49. When you first started did you ever think “Why bother, there are already so many blogs out there”?

    1. When I first started there weren’t that many (actually at the time I didn’t know of any other blogs but they did exist. I only knew of the big sites like DIaperswappers and Diaperpin) Now it is a different story.

  50. I second the other colors shirts and specifically the hot pink with black writing. I’d also really love an adult shirt since I’d be able to wear it a lot longer than the babe would 🙂

  51. I just started following you when I started my cloth diaper business. I hope to be able to join you on a give away soon. I would love to see a tank top style for a baby girl.

  52. Maybe you could stock roomy-bottom pants that fit over big fluffy baby booties — and say something cute like “Mother Earth loves junk in the trunk” 🙂

  53. I’ve been a reader almost since the beginning (!), when my baby was a few weeks old, 2.5 years ago. I found you through your YouTube channel, as I was researching cloth diapering by watching your awesome video reviews. Now my “baby” has graduated from his cloth diapers and into undies, but I have another baby on the way, and I’m so excited to be diapering number two in cloth from day one. I love all your content, especially product reviews and posts about babywearing and ways to get greener.

  54. It was so long ago that I found you, I don’t remember how I even came across your blog. I’m sure it was looking up reviews for certain diapers though. I have been reading for over a year and a half. Favorite posts are personal, reviews, and of course giveaways : )

  55. Long time reader, since my first baby was small, and she’s 3.5, so probably from close to the beginning, my fav type of post tells about life and not just diapers, I’m an ‘expert’ at this point, so I don’ need many tips, just want to connect with people. I’m guessing I heard about you though a giveaway or something, or a tie to a larger company/website..

  56. I can’t remember where I heard about you but it wasn’t that long ago. and i like the posts about real life situations

  57. Oops. I guess I’d better enter with my fb email. Same as below. I’d like to see brightly colored shirts with no pins.

  58. I found your blog a long time ago when looking into babywearing, actually. I watched those videos because the carriers are complex, but I don’t really watch cloth diaper videos because I prefer to read the details so I can skim through. I actually really loved the content with details about different carriers because you couldn’t find it very many places (and still can’t). I like the giveaway posts best because you get access to so many diapers that the rest of us just can’t get our hands on to review/giveaway. ;0)

  59. I’ve been reading for almost a year! I like how to, informational posts. And I can’t remember how I found you!

  60. I have been reading for a little over a year now. My favorite posts are the ones about the different diapers. I found you through a giveaway I believe. 

  61. I found DDL on youtube when I was researching cloth diapers about 2 years ago before my daughter was born.  I really like most of what you post, but I especially found the new to cloth posts helpful initially and now I love seeing reviews on cloth diapers I haven’t used before.

  62. I learned about DDL while first reading about cloth diapers and entering giveaways! I have been reading since August 2009 when my second child was born (and we are now expecting #4!). One of my favorite posts was during your babywearing week. It was all about the ring sling!

  63. I found you when searching for cloth diapering information about 7 months when I started using cloth. I truly love all your posts, but usually search for your cloth diaper reviews the most.

  64. hmmm, i don’t remember, probably heard about ddl when i was researching cding our dd, i saw you were living in syr at the time, so i’ve been reading ever since. been reading almost a year. my fav type are the reviews with videos, it’s really great to see how the diapers are in real life.

  65. I’d like to see larger shirts added to the line, such as 2T or 3T.  My 20 month daughter is 36 inches tall and 30 lbs. and no longer fits in 18-24 month clothes.

  66. 1.I can’t remember when I first heard about DDL or where I heard about your blog. 2.I’ve been reading for at least one year. 3.My favorite content is going back and reading about your home birth and participating in the flats and handwashing challenge.

  67. I found your videos on YouTube first and then discovered you had a blog as well.  I’ve been reading your blog for about 18 months or so. I like it when you expand your posts’ content beyond diapers.  It’s nice to have some variety in my inbox.  =)

  68. No pins! So many people have the old-fashioned view of cloth diapering, and that only makes them think things haven’t changed (and seriously, how many young people would CD if they have to start off using prefolds and pins?).

    Also, different color options (special ordering other colors is fine), and maybe a phrase that talks about the fluffy bum… gotta love that big bum in a cloth diaper!

  69. Been following for a couple months… got started following CD blogs and giveaways back when Life with Levi and The Gnomes Mom did the month of diapers giveaway.

    1. Obviously like giveaways, but I enjoy reviews of products that will be useful as soon as our first child is born.

  70. Heard about DDL through research on cloth diapers while I was pregnant, been a reader for about 6 months now and I love the informative posts and giveaways!

  71. Just heard about DDL within the last month or so and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing!  Happy 3rd Anniversary!

  72. I’ve been following for about a year. I just came across your site while researching CD while pregnant. I like reviews giveaways troubleshooting and how tos.

  73. Hope I win. I’d love a shirt for my son, but I don’t think my hubby would be happy with me buying one right now! Plus I’m waiting for a new diaper to come out! 🙂

  74. I like the idea of the shirts, but the cloth diaper picture isn’t doing it for me. I think you should get a few different diaper pictures (and do away with the pins maybe, I think it gives people the idea that that’s still how its done). Also, different colours would be good too.

  75. I can’t remember how I found you, maybe through an apple cheeks giveway (those are the first cloth diapers I used). It’s been a couple years anyhow. I like reading about cloth diapering, breastfeeding and home birthing.

  76. i think maybe some colors 🙂 stick with the b&w shirts but add a little color… maybe do a “this isn’t your mothers cloth” or something like that 🙂 or “hip and saving the planet”

  77. i honestly can not remember when or how i first heard about the blog but i have been reading a little over a year i believe 🙂 i love learning about cloth because i am new and reading new ways to clean, take care of, and what other people think of certain brands

  78. I’ve been following for a couple of months–I heard about you during another giveaway actually and have been following ever since.  I don’t have a particular favorite kind of post–but information and giveaways are always good but for different reasons so it’s hard to say!

    As far as other shirts/apparel–would love cloth rocks shirts in more colors, and maybe more designs though I have no suggestions as to a design!  🙂

  79. I’d like to see a shirt about ‘changing the world, one diaper at a time’ –or something similar.

  80. I found your blog by searching for cloth diaper reviews on youtube about 2 years ago. I still love seeing cloth diaper reviews.

  81. Where did you hear about Dirty Diaper Laundry? Through a giveaway. I usually go through the list on change-diapers.How long have you been reading? Not sure, a few months I guess.
    What is your favorite post or type of content? I like CD related product reviews and giveaways!

  82. Heard about DDL from Padded Tush Stats. I’ve been reading for a few months. I love in-depth reviews of products.

  83. I first found Dirty Diaper Laundry through a Google search, when I was just beginning to research cloth diapers for my son, when he was 4 months old (he’s 2 now!). I have been reading your reviews since then (your video reviews have been sooo helpful, especially when I was brand new to cloth diapers and didn’t know how to use them!) My favorite content is your video reviews and the little summary write up you do where you rate the diapers. That has really helped me decide which diapers to buy (or not).

  84. I would like to see some shirts in pink and a saying I love that may be a cool shirt is, “If your diaper isn’t cloth, then it’s just garbage”.

  85. I believe I heard about your blog thanks to twitter and I’ve been reading for just under a year. And thanks to you I have learned a ton about cloth diapering!!

  86. I heard about dirty diaper laundry on facebook over a year ago when I first started using cloth. I have been reading since then. I love posts about new cloth diapers.

  87. I first came across you on Twitter, I have been reading for about 3 months, and my favorite thing are your video reviews especially of the diapers I want to add to my stash but can’t afford to, I just drool over them.

  88. Some adult sizes would be great, and maybe a design that specifies “cloth” a little better! 

  89. I’d love to see girly shirts and shirts big enough for BIG brothers and sisters!  (And hoodies!)

  90. I first heard about DDL through an online search for diaper reviews. I LOVE the video diaper reviews – so helpful when you live in a place without a brick cloth store where you can see and hold the diapers!

  91. I am new to your blog also. I found you through various fb pages. I’d also love to see your shirts in adult sizes and more colors.

  92. I agree with Kathleen! Another baby! LOL

    I love the shirts, but would love to see a girly-er version available!

  93. I’d love to see more colors (hot pink 🙂 for my little girl) love the shirts though, a good way to star a conversation about cloth.

  94. I stumbled upon your blog by accident after researching some cloth when I got pregnant, I love it! It’s a great resource. I’ve been reading for a little over a year now. I love the video reviews.

  95. Oh and of course I’d like to see something in pink. But I do really like the unisex colors. Makes it easier to re-use on future babies!

  96. Oh and of course I’d like to see something in pink. But I do really like the unisex colors. Makes it easier to re-use on future babies!

  97. I found your blog when googling cloth diaper reviews about 6 months ago when I was researching diapers for my little one. I love the diaper reviews!!

  98. I want the “if your diapers not cloth its garbage” or “mamas milk in my tum and cloth on my bum”:)

  99. Love the shirts, maybe add some with less of a design and just the words “cloth rocks” in cute fonts?

  100. Found you yesterday when searching blogs about cloth diapers. Love the tips & tricks & reviews. I am new to CD so it all helps.

  101. I believe it may be about 5months now that I have been reading DDL, I found the site while researching cloth diapers.  My favorite posts are the diaper reviews and I enjoy looking at your pictures

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