This morning I was woken up by my son (at 6:30, sweet!) and found him laying in his crib with a soaking wet back.  How long was he like this?  I have no clue!  There have been other instances this week where my diapers have repelled.  I stripped them when I came home from Texas and ran tons of hot and cold rinses.  They are still repelling.

Now to my stink issues.  My diapers have a terrible ammonia smell.  When they come out of the dryer they smell clean, but once peed in they have a slight odor.  When they sit in my pail for a few hours they become terrible.  When I open the pail to add more a wall of ammonia hits your nose!   If they get worse it could cause a burn on his skin so I have to take care of this problem now.

Here are my options: Strip again.  Use bac-out for ammonia (which I have used twice but it doesn’t seem to be helping).  Strip yet again…. Use bleach.  I don’t want to use bleach but it will probably kill the ammonia.  I could also try vinegar, another “no no” in the cloth diaper world.  I am at a loss.  I am not giving up…. just frustrated with what is happening.  

This situation makes me want to give up using Bum Genius pockets and only use the Organic AIO Bum Genius or any other organic cotton diaper.  The suedecloth and microfleece liners in pocket diapers tend to repel more.  I also want to start using wool covers at night.  When I was pregnant and planning my “stash” I bought a small wool cover which I intended to use for nights.  I had read how amazing wool is: it is breathable, antibacterial, doesn’t need to be washed but every 2 weeks, and bullet proof for night time diapers.  SOLD.  Alas, I found the pocket love and never even tried my cover before it was too small.  I swear, very soon I am going to buy one wool cover and try it at night.  Who knows, I may fall in love!

For now my washer is going to be running for a whole day while I try to rinse my troubles away.

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  1. Um….I have to say…
    I have the same problem with the ammonia smell….fresh and clean out of the dryer…but as soon as they are peed on there it is…the smell!
    I feel your pain and I also am trying to figure it all out. Let me know if you find anything that helps, I will do the same!
    good luck!

  2. Have you contacted bumGenius? I know they recommend using 1/4 cup of bleach once a month. They may have other suggestions.

    I had this happen with cotton terry fitted diapers when my daughters were little and the company suggested using bleach. They recommended filling my washing machine, adding 1 cup of bleach and detergent and let it agitate for a few minutes and then add my diapers. It fixed the amonia problem immediately. I wish I had done it earlier.

    Still best to contact the manufacturer.

    Good luck!

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