Studio Photography

I am currently only photographing in my studio for Period Nirvana and Period.Shop. Props are primarily hand-made and in some cases, from custom molds, and are cast resin in the Period Nirvana aesthetic colors. Please note that this portfolio includes images I took for my previous business, Put A Cup In It, who retain the rights to those images. Other images taken for Period Nirvana are the property of KDR Creative. No images can be used from here without permission of owners. 

Gif Stickers

Gifs for my clients, myself, Period Nirvana Giphy Channel, and gifs previously made for the Put A Cup In It Giphy channel are created using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Procreate, and Photoshop. I offer Gif Sticker packages for brands looking to upload and begin their own verified Giphy Channel. Contact kim @ kimrosas.com for more information.