Having a second baby, at least for me, has been a completely different experience.  With my first son I obsessed over what I would buy, what I would do, and what life would be like when he came.  This time, I haven’t done a lot of looking around.  Life with a toddler makes it hard to sit back and daydream about your next baby.

Life with two children close in age also presents challenges.  I have many of the basics left over from my first son, but I have to add things like double strollers into the mix.  I also know that toddlers aren’t delicate with babies.  I need baby containers that protect the littlest one while I do chores or am not in sight of both of them.

And then there are the things I just want!  I am making a list for my own entertainment.  You can critique it or praise it and let me know what you think.


4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat

I had the immense pleasure of seeing this infant seat in action while attending the ABC Kids Expo.  The idea behind it is simple: recreating the natural movement of mom or dad.  Instead of a swing which goes in a line back and forth, it mimics the bouncing and swaying of a parent.  I am almost afraid it will work so well the baby will never want to leave it!

gogagaGo GaGa Slide Tote

I first saw this bag on Twitter.  The idea instantly made sense to me.  A strap that spreads across your shoulder like a sling to evenly distribute the weight is genius.  I did get my hands on one while I visited Diaper Lab (an awesome cloth diaper/baby store near Boston) and fell in love with the design and strap.  A good diaper bag is worth the money.  Currently I own a Petunia Pickle Bottom (and a Baby Kaed I never use) but I’d love to own this before the next one gets here.


Sakura Bloom Silk Baby Slings – Artisan Collection

I admit that I have expensive taste.  I don’t always get what I want, but a girl can dream.  I have a Maya Ring Sling I found as a consignment store for, wait for it, 12.00!  However, nothing compares to the Sakura Bloom sling.  I got to try it on with my son and was personally assisted by Lynne of Sakura Bloom herself.  This sling and this lady made me realize I had a ring sling that was hard to adjust and I wasn’t doing it right (not the maya, another one).  I changed my ring sling tune after that.  The rails glide through the rings like butter.  Mmmmmm…..  I would love to wear the new little guy in one of these.  I am not planning on buying one unless I,  a. win the lottery or b. find a great deal on a used forum.


Footed Onepiece in Chocolate by Baby Soy

My son lived in one piece sleepers and I assume the next baby will as well.  I love Baby Soy.  I get tired of some of the baby boy clothes out there, and finding “plain” clothes is hard.  I especially love the kimono style tops they make.  I want to add some of their pieces in Newborn and 3-6 months to my shopping list.


Hot Mama Gown

After delivering my first son in a *gasp* ordinary hospital gown, I wish I would have known about these sooner.  I remember vividly how pilly the material was.  I hated it so much I dunked part of it in my own pee.  Well, subconsciously that was why.  Really, I was hooked up to so much crap I had a hard time peeing and holding my gown.  The mama behind these gowns is one of the nicest women on Twitter (you should follow her @hotmamagowns) and she is an awesome advocate for breastfeeding!  The gown is hospital friendly and designed for easy nursing.  I want to look and feel special on delivery day so this is on my wish list for sure!

Also on my list are a few necessities.  I need a large dresser/ changing table combo that is long (not tall) with no hutch.  It needs 6-8 drawers.  I am having a hard time finding something with enough space.

I also need a double stroller.  I am going to be honest and say I will probably never find exactly what I want.  I don’t want a side by side.  I want a stroller with rubber wheels, that glides well, and that folds easily.  I am currently looking at the UppaBaby with the Rumble Seat and the City Mini with the Jump Seat and adapter.  I have high hopes for the new Mutsy Double but it hasn’t hit the market yet!

If anyone has ANY suggestions on what else I should be considering for the next little guy please (or the rest of the pregnancy) tell me!

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  1. It looks like you have some nice picks on your list!
    Check to see if you have a Bellini store near you, they are based out of NY, so you should. They have a 6 drawer dresser that would probably be perfect for you. They are higher end, so it won’t be cheap, but you can always ask if they have any floor samples for sale, or something that is slightly damaged (most of the time, the damaged ones are either easily repairable or easily hidden).

  2. Wow! I’m not pregnant again yet, but would it be crazy to start saving my Amazon gift-cards from Swagbucks for the Mamaroo!?!? That thing is AWESOME!! If you get it, definitely do a review!!

  3. Wow, I wish I would have known about that Mamaroo seat a couple of months ago! That is the neatest thing I have seen. And it’s not that much more expensive than the swing I got.

  4. I LOVE that diaper bag. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    Have you seen the Kolcraft Contours double stroller? If/when I have need of a double stroller, I am so getting one. It lets you decide which way the kiddos face. LOVES it.

    I also love those baby soy outfits!

    Oh, and I so totally delivered in a sports bra. Nothing else. I do, however, like those gowns for the day after delivery, haha!!
    .-= Shaina´s last blog ..Wordless Wedensday (or very close to wordless..) =-.

  5. I like the gown you have mentioned above, but also check this out: Binsi Skirt! http://www.birthinbinsi.com The co-owner Kim was my doula and this skirt/top combo rocked! So comfortable and you’d never get it dunked in anything! Can’t wait to pull it back out for #2.

  6. Haha yes, you definitely have expensive taste!

    I loved my sleepy wrap because their was no extra fabric hanging down for the toddler to grab or get in the way. We also have an ergo now and it’s awesome!

    With the second child we bought an exersaucer and it was invaluable as a safe place to keep the little one without worrying about the older one tipping them over or bugging them too much.

    Have you considered making your own gown? That’s what I’ve done this time…. http://fromonemommatoanother.blogspot.com/2010/05/if-youre-going-to-be-in-pain-you-might.html

    The long dressers are SO hard to find these days! I’ve been looking for one for over 6 months with no luck!
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..banana pancakes =-.

  7. I’m having another baby boy 15 months after my first and I have the Uppa Baby – Love it! The Rumble seat is on my list of things to get!!

    Also on my list are – 2nd crib (got it) and mattress (need it), new car seats for the older guy (he’s 11 months now and was 2 month early so the Chicco Keyfit still works fine for now…), Video monitor with 2 cameras (have a cheapo Sony non-video now which I love but with 2 kids in the same room and one being a toddler I’d like to “see” what’s going on without having to open the door), and of course more cloth diapers but I think I have enough for now…

    What do you think of video monitors? We definitely need a monitor as our “nursery” is the room through our bedroom, so when I’m downstairs I can hear nothing of what’s going on up there.

    I’m seriously considering the Hot Mama gown but it’s so expensive I’m not sure I can justify it… I’m guessing you wear it after the actual delivery (otherwise wouldn’t it just get messy and then you have to switch into the hospital gowns anyway?). I must say I LOVE the concept though…

  8. Our first two are 15 months apart, so I know the feeling of needing to get ready for a baby while your first is STILL one. We’re actually about to have our third, who will be 18 months younger than our second–yes, that’s going to be three under three!

    The Uppa Baby with rumble seat looks awesome, but either I didn’t know about it or it didn’t exist when I was double stroller shopping. We have the Phil and Ted’s and LOVE it. Seriously, besides my cloth diaper stash and babywearing stash (both of which are plentiful), it is the best money we’ve spent on any piece of baby equipment. It is so easy to use, so easy to fit into small spaces (and we live in a big city with lots of small spaces and bumpy/cracked sidewalks), and easy to fit into the back of even small cars.

  9. I have to echo the love for the Phil and Teds strollers. We have a Dash and it’s just fantastic. I don’t know where I’d be without it. The rubber tires and suspension make it so nice to push and I’m sure it’s very comfortable for the kiddies to ride around in.

    And, a huge bonus, when your second seat isn’t in use, you can buy a frame to transform it into a bouncer chair. The Lazyted. That means one less piece of baby furniture floating around for you trip on. :o)

  10. My absolute favorite baby thing was the Woombie. I had no luck with the swaddle wraps we received or with getting my little houdini to stay swaddled in a blanket. This product is fabulous and will not break the bank. My daughter just turned 6 months and she just stopped using a Woombie this week. There is no fumbling, wrapping or loud velcro to wake baby in the middle of the night. Plus it is easy for mom and dad! The idea behind it is that it is tight around baby’s body to provide comfort and help against the startle reflex, but unlike other swaddlers out there it is made of stretchy material which allow baby to move their arms and legs – just like in the womb. You can order from their website http://www.thewoombie.com/ and I have seen them on Baby Half Off twice. I swear by this product, and have started buying them for every baby shower I go to!
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Rolly O! =-.

  11. I’m in love with the tote! I think that is genius. My diaper bag is always digging into my shoulder, so this is a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing your WL with us and giving me more things to drool over!

  12. I just got the Baby Jogger City Select — I am currently using it for Nathan as a single stroller but I already have the second seat attachment and the car seat adapter on backorder. You should really check out the site because the number of possible configurations is incredible. I was not keen on the idea of the Phil & Teds type stroller where Nathan would basically be down in the cargo basket looking at baby #2’s bum.
    .-= CFMama´s last blog ..Hair cuts all around =-.

  13. Mine will be 15 months apart and although we have most baby stuff I also have some things I want/need. We got the baby jogger city mini side by side twin stroller and I LOVE it. I have used it shopping and on a zoo trip already and put extra stuff in the seat that dosent have a baby in it yet (and got really strange looks haha). It can fit through standard single doorways and turns on a dime. Its easy to fold, stores in a slim compact way and light weight for a double stroller. The sun shade is fantastic as is the recline and the basket below. Since I plan on wearing my new son his first few months anyways, it was not a big deal to not have an infant seat attachment and I plan on using the spare seat for the diaper bag (I also have a petunia pickle bottom) It is worth every penny!

  14. My boys are 20 months apart and I agree, a seat or swing or SOMETHING you can put the baby in to keep him out of toddler’s reach is essential. And if you have a 2 story house, you might want 2 somethings….because I’m always packing our bouncy seat up and down the stairs which is annoying.

    I have an Uppa Baby Vista that I LOVE. I bought mine when they were quite new, though (2008?) and it is the older frame version which does not take the rumble seat. Anyway, I bought the Uppa Baby step thing that attaches to the back for the toddler to stand and ride on. Has worked well for us. The only thing I’d say about the Uppa Baby Vista stroller (love it though I do) is that it is quite heavy and does not fold all that easily. It’s also a bit of a beast. I have a very large trunk on my Saab 9-5 and the Vista *barely* fits in there! I’m not sure how the newer ones fold with the two seats attached…but I hope they’ve made some improvements. All in all I do recommend the stroller, but you have to know what you’re getting. Some days I wish I had a cheap little umbrella stroller for quick trips…
    .-= Secret Mommy´s last blog ..Friday moment #2…playing cars =-.

  15. That Mommaroo seat looks pretty cool.

    The bag? I wants it.

    Baby Soy? We LOVE Baby Soy. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    Sakura? The silk is so pretty and light. But I like the linen slings better. I’m borrowing one right now and I love it.

    The gown is pretty. Is it stain resistant?

    I have a double stroller (it’s a Graco Duo Quattro – and it rolls really nice and the stroller itself rocks out for many reasons). And we hardly EVER use it. 99% of the time, if we are rolling, I wear the babe in a wrap and plop the toddler in the single roller. Now that the babe is bigger, I ERGO her and plop the toddler in the single stroller. Or stick the babe in the roller and let the toddler walk/skip/jump/bike along with us. Or go totally roller free. So don’t go spending tons on a double – you may regret it. I certainly do.
    .-= Heidi Maxwell´s last blog ..Inspired By Finn Winner! =-.

  16. We are expecting baby #1 end of September…

    For a dresser we went to, yes i know, ikea and got a fantastic long dresser that will work perfectly with a change table on top. It has 4 large drawers (two bottom, two middle) and 4 small drawers on the top (perfect sizes for clothes and our soon to be, fingers crossed, cloth diaper stash. It’s cheap and comes in multiple finishes/colours. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50121250

    As for strollers… after the recommendation of many friends we are decided on the phil & teds, most likely the sport version. Price wise they are quite a bit cheaper than the uppa which is out of our budget and will allow us to add the second seat for baby #2. Everyone we know bought this stroller after 1 or 2 other stroller purchases that really didn’t meet their needs. Our hope is to get it right the first time.

    Thanks for your blog!

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