fletcher_3_leaves{Embedded Video} Three years ago I became a mother for the first time.  Words can’t express how Fletcher, born on 11-22-2008, changed my life.  Before having Fletcher I was just a person living life.  I worked, I came home and played video games, I ate food, I slept in, and I worked some more.  I was newly married to my college sweetheart.  Fletcher was concevied a few months into our marriage.

Once Fletcher was born we became a little family unit.  He taught us what having a baby really meant.  He didn’t take it easy on us just because we were first time parents.  I didn’t know much about childbirth and the dangers of being induced.  His early induction meant challenges upon challenges in the breastfeeding department.  We learned together and had a successful 18 months of nursing, only weaning when I was into my second trimester with Everett.

Fletcher taught us that it was ok to have a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night at 6 weeks old.  We learned to listen to our hearts, not popular opinion, when it was bedtime.  He slept in the crook of my arm until he was almost 2 years old.  He taught me that food is for fun except after 1; he wanted to nurse and practically refused any form of solid food until he was over a year old.

He taught me the art of toddler survival and to never say never.  Before I had children I was a perfect parent.  After Fletcher I figured out that not everything is as it seems.  I’m nothing like the parent I thought I would be.  Good or bad, I don’t really know.

Fletcher is probably the funniest kid I know.  He really lights up a room with his personality.  He has never met a stranger and can often be found chatting up the locals about that one time he made chocolate in the choclate machine.  Or, you might see him pretending to be a robot.  If you are lucky he might even ask you to play Angry Birds; this game involves taking his stuffed bird and throwing it at you.  You MUST pretend to fall down, but he’s nice enough to play on the rug.

The journey to 3 years has been a great one.  Fletcher is no longer a baby.  He is all boy.  I’m amazed at his transformation, especially in the past few months when he has really grown into a polite, sweet, considerate little boy.

I made a video containing my favorite photos and videos from the past year.  I happen to think it is really fabulous and fun.  It starts a little slow but just wait until the Style and Dance portions.

Fletcher, thank you for making me a Mommy.  I love you!

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