A solid 7 days late but it’s better than never!  Longtime readers of DDL know that my sons each get a special video recapping their year for their birthday and a special photo.  Each video takes on average 12+ hours to edit, usually because I stare at the screen and push clips around until finally something clicks and I discover my themes.  Every year is different just as each child is unique.

Fall Baby Pumpkin Photos 1-5 years

This year things never did “click” as I had hoped.  I picked out the music 3 weeks ago and prepared my clips 2 weeks ago then just stared and rearranged waiting for my instincts to kick in and edit.  It’s hard to explain but usually I will fall into an editing trance and things happen with little effort.  This video was anything but.

Maybe the mama in me isn’t ready to celebrate her baby turning 5.  5 is so big!  There are sides of Ev that still have “baby” to them… like his cuddliness and his need to still sleep part of his nights with me.  Or the fact that he still refuses to dress himself most days.  He squeezes my cheeks and tells me he loves me and never shies away from affection.  His voice still has that high pitched sound that I hope never goes away.  There are just a few things left to cling to before he is a full-fledged big kid. By next year this time he’ll be in kindergarten and I’ll be a part-time empty nest mom.

Thanks for being part of his journey- he’s never known a day without his face being seen somewhere on the Internet!

You can view all of their birthday videos on Youtube in the Birthday slideshow playlist. http://bit.ly/1PS5EyK

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