I was thinking today about how little TV i have watched in the past few weeks. Last night I watched a total of one hour’s worth of TV. I will cop to having the TV on 80-10 hours a day before having a baby. Even after having him I would have it on, whether I was watching it or not. Why? I don’t know!!! It would be on while I was doing crafts, on the laptop, playing with the baby, and even sometimes while I was in the shower!

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I think my old self didn’t want to let go of the fact that I just didn’t have time to watch TV anymore. Now I am coming to terms with the fact that my day begins at 6:30 am; even then I don’t have time to watch tv.  Here are a few other ways having a baby has unexpectedly helped me become greener:  I take quick showers for time reasons/ happy baby reasons.  I can use less paper plates since I wash dishes everyday or every other day to insure there is room in the sink for his bath tub. I used to wait 3 or 4 days and if I used a plate for my sandwich I would have a mountain of dishes by then.  We don’t eat fast food nearly as much anymore. That saves a lot of paper bags, cups, containers, etc.  I spend a lot of time out of the house walking with the baby. Less time indoors on the computer, with lights on, etc. Less energy used!  I opt to walk to the store for some of the things I need since I have a stroller and I can place the bags in it.  Finally, he hates being out and about shopping. I have bought way fewer things than I used to. Things I probably didn’t need and would end up giving away. Now I don’t buy the useless things in the first place. And I use less gas!  The best reason to be green is FOR your baby. Now that I have a son I feel much more responsible for the impact I have on the environment. But he has helped me become green just by being alive, and a handful!

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  1. I totally agree. Before having Sweet Baby I would have the TV on all the time, either watching something or just for background noise. Now we are so busy, that the only thing we usually watch is a little bit of cartoons in the AM and then music through out the day!

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