Hello friend!  We meet again!  And this time we run into each other while out shopping, only this time you decided to show up while I was unprepared and wearing the wrong outfit.  I hadn’t expected to see you today although I was sure you’d show up soon enough.  You can’t be on vacation forever and 21 months is a pretty long one.   Thank you for coming back to say hi.  I was afraid you had deserted me forever or that I was pregnant again.



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I’m pretty sure there is something on Pinterest about how to remove blood from white shorts.  If not I will send you the bill to replace my favorite shorts from Ann Taylor Loft.

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  1. Toothpaste – the pasty kind, not the gel kind – is supposed to help. But the key, since blood is a protein stain, is to rinse in cold first or the stain will set. 

    1. Oh, me too! I admire the moms I see out and about who have on white shirts or pants. I’m not sure how they stay clean, but they clearly have neater kids than I do!

  2. Salt is great at removing blood stains. I got some blood on a white sweater a few months ago. I soaked it in cold water and about half a cup of salt.  After about 4 hours, there was no sign of blood anywhere.

  3. Best wishes!  We made it 11 months but they’re still long between visits, like 40 days.  Hope yours are few and far between too!  If only for your shorts sake.

  4. Oh my gosh. Typical friend… Coming and going as it pleases. 21 months is quite a long time. I’m on month three and the anticipation is killing me! lol. Until then, no white! That would be my luck.

  5. This sounds totally gross, but spitting on it will actually get it out–the enzymes in your saliva will break down the proteins in the blood. Just be sure to wash on cold, not hot. 21 months is an amazingly long time to be without a special friend.

  6. 21 months is a very long time! But of course, your friend picked the most inopportune time to return! Hope you get the stain out!

  7. Hydrogen peroxide.  

    I’m a nurse and have gotten blog on scrubs.  When that happens, I go to laundry, get clean surgical scrubs, place them in a plastic bag, and put hydrogen peroxide on the stain.  Works every.single.time.

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