Yes, and no. My dilemma before my son had even entered the world was this: Buy the crazy interactive, plastic, sound making, light flashing toys that would probably entertain my son OR go for the natural, wooden, Scandinavian design toys that would meld into my decor as if a baby didn’t even live here.

I chose the latter. I bought a neutral swing that folded, a bouncer that folded, I didn’t buy any toys for him at all in the beginning since he was too young for toys, and I swore an exercauser would NEVER enter my home.

Then my son started acting bored. I had one rattle. The rest of the toys gifted to us were far too old for him. After hearing him cry for days I decided he needed an activity gym. He was too young to play but he could watch the toys and perhaps bat at them. My husband and I booked it over to Babies r Us and bought the mac daddy Tiny Love Activity gym. $$$ was spent but once we put him on it he was enthralled by all of the colors and the chimes. I began to see that babies need toys. It snowballed from there. Next we bought a Jumperoo that looks like a horse. Probably the best 30.00 I have ever spent. Next, little hand held plastic, rattling toys invaded my home. Then, he needed to be occupied in his car seat. Home came a frog who shakes when his handle is pulled. And so on and so on.

My dream was to have a home filled with wooden toys from haba, bouncers by Svan, high chairs that modern looking (which I did get!), and a baby who was thrilled to have those things. Now I have a ton of plastic toys and a horse in my livingroom!

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