The boys and I bid farewell to our home in Syracuse NY on February 23.  We boarded a plane and flew to Charlotte, NC to stay with my husband’s family.  Steven, my husband, stayed behind for a week to help pack our things.  After a short visit with us in NC he flew to Tampa, FL to start work at his new office.  The kids and I stayed behind to avoid hotel life as long as possible.

As much as I have been looking forward to moving to Tampa I also have to keep my own sanity and the well being of my children the number one priority.  Living with family so far has been great for everyone.   My boys love spending time with their Oma and Pawpaw and they have made friends with the entire cul-de-sac of children.  Each evening they get to play outside (the weather was too cold for that back in NY) and they go to bed officially exhausted.  It has been wonderful!

I have even been able to meet with a fellow cloth diapering mom- Stacy, owner of Jack be Natural, on a few different occasions.  It is always fun to make friends with someone who shares your passions in life.

The best part about staying with family has been that I haven’t cooked a meal or done any laundry (except cloth diapers, I wash those) for 2 weeks!

The worst part has been being apart from my husband.  We all miss him but technology has helped.  We Facetimed before bed and he told Fletcher a story while I poured him a glass of milk.  He even played a game of peek-a-boo with Everett who was laughing hysterically.

Finding time to work has been a challenge but I’m doing my best to keep up with emails and comments from Facebook and adding content to the blog.  I also have an exciting new product coming soon that I can’t wait to share.  The timing could be better but I’m working hard to make it available for sale soon.  It is NOT a cloth diaper.

Here are a few pictures from our time in Charlotte so far.  I’ve been having so much fun capturing our time here in photos.

With Oma in the Sunroom
Running with Oma (or is it from...)
Playing with Pawpaw outside
Sitting with the neighbor
Cruising the neighborhood
Showing his true, goofy self
Playing cars and jets with the neighbor

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  1. These pics are awesome Kim!! Beautiful sounds like everything is well .. Gla to hear it or tradition 😉 God Bless You

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