Even though today is just another day, it also has the title of Mother’s Day.  I’m not complaining!  This is the one day of year, other than my birthday, that I get special treatment.  I am guaranteed the option of sleeping in, I get gifts, and my husband is a little extra helpful around the house.

My two boys (oh my- I really have two children!) are both too young to understand Mother’s Day.  My toddler keeps saying “Happy Birthday Mommy, Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday Rhett, Happy Birthday Fletcher” since he associates gifts with birthdays.  He does keep giving me extra big hugs though, so he must know it is my special day.

When I look at my two boys together it is hard to believe that they are both mine.  I get to keep them.  They depend on me for all of their needs.  Fletcher thrived on my milk for 18 months.  Everett has bulked up to 19 pounds on my milk alone.  That in itself is amazing and hard to even imagine.  Not only did I build him inside of my body for 41 weeks and 5 days, I have fed him for 6.5 months on milk from my body.  He is solely made up of nutrients from ME.

Fletcher is my little dancer.  He can be anywhere- a store, at a festival, in our home, in an elevator- and when he hears a tune he starts dancing.  Anytime is a good time to dance.  He is so loving and kind to everyone.  He is constantly giving me hugs, his father hugs, and even his brother.  He is still young enough to believe that kisses are the cure for everything.  He has already asked me to kiss his “wee-wee” and “butt” boo boos to make them all better.  It was hilarious but frustrating for him since he really needed a boo boo kiss.  I politely declined and blew them kisses instead.  Fletcher is also just starting to experience fears.  We have had storms lately and he is afraid to sleep in his bed and asks for “Mommy’s bed.”  I love that just the act of sleeping in my bed is enough to calm his fears.

Everett is turning out to be the opposite of Fletcher in so many ways.  He sleeps well at night, mostly.  He is content to sit and play on the floor or with his brother.  You can look at him and he just smiles from ear to ear.  He likes to play shy and will smile at someone but then dig his face into my shirt, then smile again.  His favorite “toy” is crinkly paper.  He is a Daddy’s boy though.  When he saw his Dad after he came back from a 3 day trip, the smile on his face was bigger than any I have ever seen.  It melted my heart!

So far the best part about being a mom of two boys has been watching Everett and Fletcher interact.  Everett is in awe of his big brother.  He watches him run around the house with delight and when Fletcher smiles at him he always beams back.  We play “Laser Cats” but with “Laser Baby” and I use Ev as a laser gun and attack Fletcher.  Both kids enjoy this game more than anything in the world.

That day I become a mother of Two

At some point we will have to make the decision- will we add to our already happy family?  I love the pair of boys I have but of course I would love to add a girl to the mix for my own selfish reason.  What mother doesn’t want to make a little person in her image?  I want to share those girly bonding moments.  My husband already has his two boys.  He gets to look forward to camping and fishing trips, father son talks, and sharing a beer together one day.  Since I can’t control the sex of the next baby I will have to make the decision, along with my husband, what to do.  I know in my heart that if another boy joins the family I will love him.  I do love the craziness of having a house of boys.  I also want to have another wonderful homebirth one day.  But do I really want to go through the baby stage all over again?  There is a little bit of Michelle Duggar in me that feels that my purpose in life as a woman is to have children.  I mean, how cool is it that I can do that?  Isn’t it wrong of me to prevent that from happening?  Not for religious reasons, just the “wow” factor of growing babies, birthing them, and nursing them.  Then I remember how daily life is already a chore with two babies.

Even if the next 50 Mother’s Days are as a Mother of Two I will still be happy.  These boys give me more than enough love to live on for a million years!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

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  1. I love how you talk about feeling like having babies is your purpose. I always loved babies/kids when I was little. I was such a little mommy. I had no idea I would grow up to be a mom of seven beautiful children though. I am definitely blessed. And yes, being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world but the pay can’t be beat on some days. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your Mother’s Day.

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