This was meant to be posted with my DITL but after many, many technical difficulties it is being posted at 11:00 pm. If there are mamas out there who are cloth curious and feel washing diapers is too laborious I ask you to watch this video. Even with 2 flights of stairs to climb my wash routine took less than 10 minutes altogether. I added another 10 minutes for folding and putting away the diapers, totaling less than 20 minutes to wash do your diaper laundry. Those without stairs can count on it being even less. And now for your viewing pleasure…

And a final note, we do not live in squalor.  Despite the way the basement looks we have a nice apartment.  And the junk on the landings and some visible in the basement is the neighbors, not ours!

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  1. Washing diapers can even easier than this video, although your legs must look great!

    I have a front loader that I can preset–so I can preset the washer and it does all the work–a prewash, and then heavy duty wash and spin dry with Country Save detergent. It takes a total of 2 hours, diapers come out very clean and practically dry. I follow that up with about 30 minutes in the dryer on low. So the total elapsed time is only 2 hours 30 minutes PLUS folding and putting away (10 minutes!) and only two trips down the steps.

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