avivaAfter a 3 day wait I finally got the call to inform me that I do have Gestational Diabetes again this pregnancy.  I almost thought I didn’t this time.  I weight much less than my first pregnancy, and they said they would call back the next day.  I knew that could mean longer so I didn’t hold out much hope.

The nurse has already called in my old friends, my test strips.  I will be checking my blood sugars once a day, or maybe twice.  I like to check my fasting number everyday since that one is the hardest to control for me.

The practice I am with goes by a different diet than the one I used last time.  With Fletcher I was counting carbs.  I could have 30 for breakfast, 15 for snack, 45 for lunch, 15 for snack, and 45 for dinner.  That isn’t a lot.  A banana has 23 carbs just for reference.  Anything high in fiber is good because you can subtract the fiber number from the carb count.

This time I am on an 1,800 calorie diet and I have no idea what that means.  I meet with the nutritionist next week.  In the mean time I am sticking to what I know.  I will start checking sugars and hopefully I can keep my numbers under control as well as I did last time.

I expected this outcome but it doesn’t make the news any easier.  Up to now this has been the easiest pregnancy ever.  No morning sickness, no fatigue, no head aches, no extreme swelling (just a little in Texas but that is gone now), and no aches or pains.  I don’t even feel pregnant.  Now my pregnancy will rule every decision of the day.  Eating has to be on a schedule, or at least it should because that is easier to control.  If I crave an ice cream it is tough cookies.  And, once again my labor bag will include a yummy chocolate bar for after delivery.

The silver lining: My weight gain will level off.  I was shoveling in all of my favorite foods because I knew I was probably going to be cut off after my test.  I was right.  While I still haven’t gained as much as I did with my first, I have gained more than I would like.  I started out technically underweight so I use that as one excuse.  With this new diet I probably won’t gain more than another 5-8 pounds before delivery like last time in my third trimester.  I will live off of the fat stored in my thighs!

With a well controlled diet there is hardly any risk to the baby or me, so don’t worry.  I am now classified as “high risk” and will likely be having Non Stress Tests from here on out to check on Shrimpy.  I will also have another Sonogram or two to check the growth of the baby since GD causes larger babies when not controlled.  The placenta cannot process the sugars and they go straight to the baby and make them extra fat.  So instead of eating as I wish and having my body give the correct amounts to baby, I have to control my intake.

When I was told I had GD the first time I cried all day.  I was at work when I got the call.  I couldn’t keep from crying, then one of my kids came up to me and gave me a big hug.  I took a big girl pill until I got home and then became a shaking crying mess.  I thought it was the end of the world.  I had no idea what to expect.

This time I know what I am in for.  I knew before I got pregnant this was likely.  I interviewed midwives to ensure I would end up with one who would not induce simply because I had GD.  I will not be induced, I can’t do it again.

Everyone go eat a nice big chocolate chip cookie for me.  I have another 12-13 weeks until I can indulge again.  But ya know, it is totally worth it!

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  1. Yep, I know what you mean…I had GD last time, too, and now at 17 weeks preg, I’m eating what I want b/c I’m pretty sure I’ll have it again. It stinks to be on a “diet” while pregnant. Plus, the finger prick thing doesn’t make it any easier! hang in there.

  2. Good Morning! Hey sorry to hear you got GD during this pregnancy…. that stinks : ( …… thought i had it when prego and they kept making me do the testing (4 times) i could not keep that sugar stuff down 😛 but found out nope….. ; )

    I shall eat a cookie for you lol!!!!

    hey thanks for entering this weeks giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad to get new followers!!!!
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  3. Hugs from me, too! I will likely be joining you in about a week…. Watch out, I have a lot to say in response to your post!

    That 1,800 calorie a day thing just seems odd to me. That completely goes against the whole idea of how to control GD, doesn’t it? How does a calorie limit keep your blood sugar at an even rate throughout the day? Sounds more like a plan for someone with Type 2 who has a weight issue and is on medication to keep their blood sugar under control.

    And count yourself a little bit lucky – the program I go to makes me test my blood sugar 4 times a day and fax in a worksheet each week with all the numbers recorded. I also have to keep a food log of every single thing I eat and go see a counselor once every two weeks!

    My fasting number was always the hardest for me, too. I started moving my exercise to mid-day (30 minutes of walking) and ate a skinny cow ice cream cone as my late night snack and that helped. They also upped by dinner carbs to 60, which seemed to help,too.

    I wish you all the best and I have tons of recipes if you need them! At least you know what you’re in for this time, right?
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  4. See if you can locate a diabetes educator. A friend of mine does that for a living, and she helped me IMMENSELY during my last three pregnancies.

    A treat that I enjoy is a half cup of ricotta cheese with cocoa powder sprinkled all over it. It’s high in protein, and cocoa powder is a better choice than chocolate. You could put a fake sugar on it, if you need the sweet, but if it’s just chocolate you need, the cocoa powder should do the trick.
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  5. Oh dear! I will keep you in my prayers that the baby will not get infected. But, don’t worry. You’ve been through it once. Your body will know what to do. It’s just something that we women experience.
    We’re here to support you!
    Good luck and Yes, the end result is definitely worth it!
    .-= Cinella´s last blog ..Love being a MOM! =-.

  6. Ahh yes.. I think i decided with my next pregnancy i’m just going to start living on my GD diet from the start to hopefully avoid it alltogether… I had hoped spending so much time meticulously monitoring every morsel of food I put in my mouth would have had a positive effect on me post pregnancy… sadly no i have welcome sugar back into my life with arms wide open! My baby was supposed to be 10-11lbs and my dr was hinting around induction and c sections… bless my little man’s heart he came on his own at 37 weeks and 7 lbs… He knew my sweet tooth was screaming!
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  7. I was “boarderline” the first time. And didn’t have it the second. I KNOW how annoying pricking your finger and logging it can be.

    I’m not sure– but I’m wondering if “tanking up” especially before the test- can harm the results. the first time i had to take the 3hr with my first- i ate a ton of carbs the night before. with my 2nd. i ate right from the very beginning (they tested me earlier on be of being previously boarderline)… and i was free and clear. i wanted SO badly to pass.

    good luck. and you’re right– you DON’T and won’t have to be induced for simply gd. going into labor on your OWN is so much better. you’ll see what i mean 😉

    hang in there.

  8. Sorry to hear! I agree with Madline…the calories counting seems odd but it is important to try to follow what your healthcare provider says. My hubby has diabetes (insulin dependent with a pump) so I can only partially relate. But reading your other posts you sound like someone who can handle it (though I understand that some days it can be very frustrating). I also agree that a diabetic educator is very helpful. Good luck and stay strong…just think that at the end there is a wonderful chocolate bar waiting for you!
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