I am stealing a minute at a relative’s house here in San Antonio to post an update.  I am also typing one handed since my son is sleeping in my arm.  I already posted about some things.  This is my first plane trip with cloth diapers.  It is going well except that Fletcher has had an upset tummy.  Since I a relying on 2 kinds of diapers that rely on changing out the inside and leaving a shell (G Diapers and Gro Baby) it has been tougher than I expected.  I didn’t think I would have to change the shells as often as I have since he is pooping every couple of changes.  

We bought Fletcher a real cowboy hat.  We are going to take pictures of him in front of the Alamo.  The rest of the trip is going to be some touristy stuff.  Family stuff.  And lots of mexican food.  When I get time I will have to update on all of the crazy places I have had to nurse in public at.  I am now a pro.

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