Many moons ago I was shopping at TJ Maxx.  I decided to buy my son 2 books and one article of clothing.  I hadn’t planned on majorly shopping so I did not bring my reusable bags.  I would place whatever I bought in my diaper bag and be on my way.

I got to the check out and as usual, Fletcher was being a pest.  He was trying to touch buttons and so on.  While the young teenager was checking me out I noticed she placed  the book in a plastic bag.  I quickly told her I didn’t need a bag I would use my own.  “Ok” she said, and removed said book from the bag.

But wait.  She took the “used” bag and balled it up, and was about to throw it in the trash! Really?!?  Because that book soiled the plastic bag so much it couldn’t possibly be used again.  Really?!?

Me: “Why are you throwing that bag away?”

Girl: “I dunno, it was used.”

Me: “For a half a second with a book in it.  You don’t need to throw it away.  You can use it for the next person.”

Girl: “…”

Me: “The whole point of me using reusable bags or not wanting a plastic bag is to avoid wasting bags.  Throwing that bag out defeats the purpose.  I hope you will think about that next time around.”

Girl: “Here is your receipt.”

Me: “grumble…grumble…grumble…”

I think I literally had steam coming out of my ears.  To this girl I probably seemed like a nutcase.  I doubt my rant had any effect on her other than making her uncomfortable.  The people in line were most likely annoyed that I was holding them up.  I am tired of being looked at like I have a third eye when I bring out my bags and insist on using them.

Usually the cashiers are annoyed because it takes longer for them (although I generally bag my own groceries and other purchases).  They might be nervous because they were trained to bag in plastic and reusable bags hold more.  The people in line give me dirty looks too, because they believe it will take longer.  Sometimes it does.  And frankly, it took some courage for me to start using them back in the day for those reasons.  I hate being made to feel uncomfortable and I hate putting people out of their way.  Eventually I decided I have to not care.

Even now, with more people using reusable bags, cashiers are not getting the memo.  I shudder when I see someone reach for a plastic or shopping bag to put one item in.  I bought a baby hat yesterday and the cashier went for a tiny shopping bag.  I could have put this hat in my pocket it was so tiny!  And when I said I didn’t need a bag she looked surprised!

Really?!?!  I need a bag to carry an item that weighs less than the bag itself?  Really?!?!

Maybe responsibility lies in the retailers hands.  While many stores do sell their own bags, they don’t push them.  They are happy to use those plastic ones.  They don’t train cashiers to use anything other than plastic.  Can’t they train these people to ask patrons if they want a bag?  One item or fifty, “Will you be needing plastic bags or using your own?”  Sometimes I flat out forget until after the items are bagged.  I am either made to ask them to unbag them, or I remorsefully leave with a plastic bag.

So, how do you handle your reusable bag situation?  Do you have to force people to use them?  Is it normal where you live?  Do cashiers ask if you are using them?

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  1. In Canada, most major retailers charge for bags (5 cents). It worked well to cut plastic bag use, though I still see some ppl using them (I would say the majority of ppl bring bags). I’m pretty good at remembering our bags when we go grocery shopping, and getting better at making a habit to grab bags when I think I might stop at a store. If I forget my bags, I usually just carry whatever I’ve purchased if it’s manageable. When I travel in the US,I’m *astounded* at the lack of recycling, etc. Why isn’t it more than an issue there? What is up with that?

  2. Yeah, we use them most of the time if we know we are going somewhere. I think I will start putting 1 in each vehicle anyway, and leave it there, just in case. We often tell them not to bag something, we just have to drag the stupid plastic ones back the next time we go to the store. We don’t shop every day, since we dont’ live in town, so if we make an impromptu trip to town just to do something, I hate not having a bag. I have HANDED the bags to the cashiers, they lay them on top of the bag thingy, and then proceed to fill up plastic bags instead. I look up and go, uhh, I brought my own bags. Why did they think I gave them to them? Some of the teens are hip to it, some of the elderly are, but the 40 somethings are the worst. I’m half tempted just to tell them to fill my cart back up and I’ll bag it myself out at my truck. We do that at Aldi and it’s fine, so why not Wal-Mart? Our grocery store in town at least offers paper as well as plastic. So in short, it’s more that they don’t ‘get it’ than anything.

  3. Our grocery store WANTS you to bring your own bags, so much so that they give you a 5 cent discount for each bag – even if they aren’t the Stop & Shop branded bags. It’s wonderful. Some people have told me their Target store do the same thing (including my mom, who works at one in Virginia) but I haven’t ever remembered to bring in my bags to try. Honestly, most cashiers I’ve run into look at my giant purse and ask “Do you really need a bag?” I think companies are catching on that reusable/no bags = savings for them.
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  4. I always try to take my bags with me but sometimes forget. A few days ago, I was at the grocery store. I had forgotten my bags, I was only buying a few things but too much to not have a bag. The cashier just asked, is plastic ok? I definately prefer paper if I don’t have my own bags….so I said no, I want paper. Why do they just assume I would want plastic? Probably just because it is easier for them… Oh and the other thing that gets me….when I buy meat….I will always put it in the little plastic bags by the meat section just because I don’t want to get blood everywhere. Then they still wrap that in a regular plastic grocery bag to put into my reusable bag. Wait, why does it need to be in double plastic? Do they do it just for fun?!

  5. Our grocery store is hip, and Target always asks “Do you need a bag?” which is nice (and our Target does 5 cents off per bag, too). I get irritated at gas stations and stuff, wanting to put a drink or a candy bar into a bag – really? I’m just about to eat/drink it, I don’t need a bag to help me get it to my vehicle!
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  6. Our town and surrounding areas is very pro-reusable bag. Some of the retail stores stopped carrying them (Ikea) while others give you a discount if you use them. Our local Shop Rite is considering charging per bag. The cashier at the local supermarket usually ask us if we need a bag. Cutting down on bag use cuts down the expenses for the store, I hope more stores catch on.

  7. Our Navy Exchange is pretty good about the reusable bags and usually reminds us we have ours when we forget (baby brain + newish habit = frequent forgetfulness) and they wear pins about the bags and they have 5 cents off if you use ’em.
    We won’t use the plastic veggie bags in the produce section in the grocery store. That one was a harder leap to take. The cashiers sometimes act like you’re not allowed to buy 4 oranges unless they are in a bag…

  8. On 2 different occasions in 2 different stores I have forgotten my bag & just bought one they had at the checkout. BOTH times the cashier put my reusable bag into a plastic bag & I could not get them to understand that was not what I bought it for. I got the ‘you’re weird’ look & had to take the things out of the plastic bag myself & put them into the reusable one. Explain to me WHY I would buy a bag & not want you to put my things into it. I even handed the bag to the cashier & said here use this…….

  9. they do 5 cents off per bag here too. At the grocery store I just put the bags on first and then the groceries so they know to bag in those. I don’t really do the reusable bag thing at the mall, although I rarely ever go shopping besides groceries!

  10. Target here does the .05 but the cashiers could care less. The only place here that is “hip” to reusable bags is Wegmans. Half of customers use them, but I hardly shop there bc it is farther away and more expensive. My grocery store is clueless. Even with it in their face they still try to shove things in plastic.

    One guy was nice and was checking my huge reusable bag to see if it was too heavy for my pregnant self. That was the first time anyone has cared.

  11. I also have this problem. We use reusable bags in our house. And where I shop they just don’t have the space to place the bags to fill them. Many stores have the plastic bag carousel. I have learned to get over worrying about what the cashier thinks or about the other people waiting in line. They will get over it.

  12. i was in publix [grocery store] the other day…5 m/o in tow…and i was so busy with coupons and wic and the baby that i hadnt put my bags up, yet, and the groceries were piling up in front of the bagger. i dont know if its because the people at that store know us very well [im my local coupon lady with the adorable baby] so they know i have bags, or if they look before they bag at the cart to see if the customer has reusable bags, but the bagger actually walked around the counter to my cart and got my bags to bag with instead of using plastic. sometimes we forget our bags and have to use plastic, but they usually wait to bag until i say i forgot them or they see the cart empty and no bags are to be seen.

  13. I was at a local “natural family store” (full of organic, recycled, reusable items for kids) for the first time a week or so ago. I needed to pick up a few cloth diapering necessities. I ended up buying one small thing – as they didn’t have everything I needed. After I paid, the cashier pulled out a bag and started to put the item in a bag! I explained I didn’t need a bag as it was only one small item and I could easily carry it out in my hands. REALLY?!?! At a store dedicated to environmental improvement?!?!? Oh, the irony…

    On the flipside, most stores in my area do ask if I want a bag. And even more than half of the time, it seems I am met with smiles when I don’t want one. But I have had a few odd looks – even when I have my stroller with plenty of storage space with me. They don’t seem to believe I can fit a couple of apples and a candy bar in all the space a stroller offers.

  14. We have one store here in town (Central Market H-E-B) that puts you in their monthly drawing to win a $50 gc every time you use your reusable bags! The regular HEB stores actually have signs in the parking lot that say don’t forget your bags!! I try to keep all my bags in my car so I don’t forget but inevitably I forget and have to use the dreaded plastic. Hope you are feeling well these days!

  15. I try to remember my reusable bags when grocery shopping and the stores up here in Canada are very used to people using them. The one thing I don’t like about them though is because they are bigger sometimes they load them with so much stuff that I can hardly lift them. I once had to take items out of a bag to get it in my car because I swear the thing weighed 50 lb! Also, we reuse the plastic bags as garbage bags in our house so for us it is pointless to use reusable bags 100% of the time because then we would just have to go
    out and buy plastic garbage bags:)

  16. I started using my own bags a million years ago in CA. They are now working to pass a law banning plastic bags!! When I got here to Austin, Tx a few years ago the cashiers would look at me crazy and only load a few things per bag. I had to get them to keep adding things and tell them that these bags will hold a lot more then those plastic bags. Now Austin seems to be catching on and all the store sell their own reusable bags and the cashiers are more use to using them.

  17. wow, it is totally different where I am (Eastern Canada) most stores really encourage the use of your own bags,and will discourage you from using their bags for little and big things. I always get asked “Do you want a bag for that?” for things large like flour, or small things, like your baby hat. We get five cents (I think it’s five, might be 3?) off per bag if we use our own bags, and some grocery stores around here actually charge per bag if you use the plastic ones they offer. I would say it’s more the norm to BYOB around here =)

    1. Here in Waterloo, Ontario you actually have to pay 5 cents for a plastic bag (grocery stores only though). No one looks weird at you when you bring your own bags.

  18. Ooooo that makes me angry too… why, why, why?! would she throw it out.. some people just annoy me! I know a lot of people just don’t care about the environment (wish bugs me too) but I don’t understand why the retailers wouldn’t push reusable bags more. I mean they make money if people buy their reusable bags and they have to spend less if less plastic bags are used! It just makes sense!

  19. One of the reasons I like shopping at our Fred Meyer is they ask and take off money for using reusable bags. We do live in a greeny area though 🙂

  20. I totally feel your pain! What really irks me is that people can carry items around the store in their own two hands, yet when they check out they need a plastic bag to carry their purchases that last 10 feet to their car. Really!?!? Whenever I buy just a few items (even if they are a bunch of bananas, a can of beans, and a pack of TP) I just carry them out to the car bagless. Yes, I get weird looks but honestly I don’t care. I tell the cashier, “I just carried them around the store… I can carry them to my car (duh).”

    If I buy a lot and bring my own bags, then I darn well am going to use them!! It’s not rare for cashiers to bag in plastic out of habit despite my reusable bags sitting there next to their hands, and I have no qualms whatsoever in having them unbag. I of course help them if I can and I ALWAYS remind them that they can reuse the plastic bags for the next person.

    It may be awkward; people behind me may get annoyed; but frankly, the earth is worth it. Good for you for speaking up about it! Down with plastic bags!
    .-= Kitty´s last blog ..California Bans Single Use Plastic Bags! =-.

  21. This is one reason I love my Publix.
    I dont have the greatest memory but I try to remember my bags and when i get to the check out the first thing the cashier asks everytime ” Is plastic ok?” I see it as a reminder that i have the bags dont forget to use them. If i forget them in the truch then i have them but them in the cart as is and i bag them when i get to the truck.

    I moved to Florida from Michigan and we always returned our bottles. now we did get $.10 a can/bottle but when we were little and wanted something that was great to get money for returning them. I love that i can return them to Publix, no money for them but I feel alot better doing it.

    I want my children to grow up with reuseable bags and recycyling what we can so when there older they will do it. Not just because we should but because its set in ur mind from eary on.

  22. I have found there is one store-Walgreens that asks if I would like a bag.The other day I told them no and they still proceded to grab a bag so i had to remind h er.She said I ask if they need a bag a lot Im just set to default and want to grab that bag.Makes one think,wow I guess a lot of people are still using plastic.

    I will also say,there is one store that is ENCOURAGING reusable bags,Kohls.1st off I LOVE thier reusable bags!!They fold up small so you can put them in your purse or diaper bag.They are $2 I belive AND they give you a 15% off your purchase for buying one,how awsome!!

  23. I think it is unfair that places that give discounts for using reusable bags won’t give me one when I don’t use a bag at all or if I use my purse/ diaper bag. Isn’t the idea to reward me for not using plastic bags that cost you money?
    It also bothers me when I have plenty of bags but they don’t fill them all the way and then try to use plastic. They get all annoyed when I ask for the item to put in another bag.
    .-= Sarah J´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Its a =-.

  24. I feel sooo lucky to live where I do! I haven’t had an issue, in at least some time, with the bagging stuff. I frequently forget my bags and at the bookstore they ask before even reaching for a bag. At the used clothing store they’ll give you an extra stamp on your stamp card if you decline a bag. And most places you get credit for bringing in your own bags. I can see your situation happening at TJMaxx or Ross though. While normal shopping it’s a normal thing but for some reason some of the younger generation hasn’t got the memo. I think using your own bags is definitely the norm around here but I live in the Pacific NW where people are generally more environmentally conscience in most every way.
    I have a young adult (mostly) book blog and I have contests where for entries to win the product or book they vow to do ‘green’ things. This time around I put up entries for cloth diapering or at least researching it if they don’t have children yet, and other things like buying local, organic, etc. Since I have a large following of young adults I think that it really gets the message to them of things they can do. I hope it helps anyway! And I think it’s good you spoke up! Who cares what everyone thought of you. Maybe next time she’ll think before grabbing a bag. Or ask the person at least. I think we all need to do that. They don’t even THINK of things like that so all we can do is send the message.

  25. I will admit… I have many a reusable bag. Thing is I often forget to take them with me. When I have though they have not really complained but when the cashier was “slower” would tell me politely that it just takes a long time and MANY have told me they don’t like the reusable bag design. I have 5 children so I’m used to having things take longer and getting looks of “all those kids.” So yea, I’m fine with it if people want to give me nasty looks.

    Maybe people should slow down in life. I remember this past Christmas eve I want to the local grocery store to pick up some last minute items and everybody was complaining that the friendly cashier was joyously going on and on talking to people about the holidays keeping up the christmas spirit. This slowed her down. I understood people wanted to hurry up and get back to their families. But here was an example of a woman who had to WORK that day and still stayed in the holiday spirit.

    On another note… the walmart by where i recently moved i noticed last week has a box up in the front where you enter to recycle any used plastic bags.

  26. oh and yes.. for a small item they’ll usually ask “do u want me to put this in a bag.. or do u just want to carry it out?”

  27. Wow, how weird. Where do you live? I use reusable bags a lot and I’ve never had anybody look at me funny, or act annoyed about it. And I definitely don’t live somewhere that is super eco friendly. I’m in Nebraska. If I buy a small item, most places ask if I’d like a bag, and I usually pass. That stinks that people are so strange about it where you are!

  28. I live in Ontario and most stores now ask if you want a bag, or charge for them. Which is nice. Except for when I go to the more expensive grocery store (usually for the fact that I am tired, pressed for time, DD is being cranky etc. and do not want to bag my own groceries) When I pull out my bags they give me a kinda look, and instead of bagging as they go, they wait until the whole order is run through to bag. It’s like they expect me to bag my own, or pay for the plastic bags when I am already paying inflated prices to shop there as it is. That’s my rant! 😉

  29. I guess I’m lucky because I’ve never gotten the third eye stare, but cashiers are usually pretty surprised. But they have never (fingers crossed) complained. They definitely need to train cashiers about reusable bags, though.

  30. That’s so annoying. Good for you for speaking up. Part of me thinks she does that just to annoy people who use reusable bags.

    I too forget to offer up my reusable bags until my items are half bagged in disposables. Once I realize this I just tell the cashier that I’m sorry but I have my own bags and they always just remove the items for me. It’s no biggie. I live the idea of cashiers being trained to ask if you have your own bags. I find that cashiers at the supermarket at least pay attention and see that I brought my own bags. I never have to re-bag stuff there.

  31. Interesting.

    Here in Vancouver, BC it’s very common to use cloth bags. In fact, some stores give you reward points for using them. Most grocery stores sell their own cloth bags that fit in their bagging receptacles to make for easier bagging. On top of that, if you are buying something small, you will often be asked, “Do you want a bag for that?” instead of having it put in a bag automatcially.

    I guess it’s all about education and getting rid of the “out of sight out of mind” mentality of waste production. I’m blessed to live in a city that generally understands that (even though we have lots of work to do in managing our waste better). I think awareness is really what it’s about. I’m glad you mentioned that to the cashier and hopefully it made her think a little bit.
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  32. I always put my big stack of reusable bags on the conveyor belt first, so they can’t miss them. At first the checkers never knew what to do and they would look at them with a confused look until I volunteered to sack my own groceries. Now they get it and can use them just fine. When I buy something small or just one item and don’t have my bag, I have at times told the checker that I don’t need a bag and gotten one anyway. Now I carry a little Chico bag in my diaper bag and one in my purse so I always have a bag. I wish they would just ban plastic bags or charge for them. If I get looks from those behind me in line, I don’t notice, but then I have a small child, a huge cartload of groceries, and a fistful of coupons in addition to my reusable bags so I probably get looks all the time.

  33. I was at a walmart in Iowa and had maybe 5 items. I was with my husband and one of the items was a pregnancy test. I stopped the cashier when she reached for a bag and said ‘no need, we can carry everything’. She scowled at me and said ‘but you have a pregnancy test..’

    Yes… Apparently some things are too personal and shameful to carry without hiding away in a see-through plastic bag.

    1. Or maybe she thought you shouldn’t carry anything since *could* be pregnant? How strange! Esp. with another kiddo you have to carry all kinds of things!

  34. That’s so annoying! Here many stores now charge between $0.03 and $0.05 per plastic bag that you want. I’m all for it but there are a few stores where you HAVE to have your item in a bag to leave the store so if you forgot your re-useable ones then you have to pay for a plastic one which I find ridiculous and a waste.
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..sewing machine cover =-.

    1. This has happened to me a couple of times, where they refused to let me put items (no matter how small) in my purse. (“Security might think you stole it.”) Um…I have the receipt proving I paid for it, why would they think I stole it just because it’s not in a plastic bag? Not to mention I’m about four steps from the door and the security guard sees me checking out because I’m the only one here…really?

  35. At our Harris Teeter here in MD, the cashiers are really good about asking if you have your own bags and gladly use them. Just one more reason to love Harris Teeter! (I also their Super Doubles on coupons that start tomorrow!!) It’s seem like most grocery stores around here are bring-your-own-bag friendly. I felt weird bringing my own bags at first a few years ago before they started to catch on. The Ikea close to us doesn’t even have plastic bags anymore. It’s either bring your own, buy one of their reusable ones or go with out!

  36. I always clip a chico bag to my purse and have it with me at all times. It is awesome for everything and acutally they are about to ban plastic bags here in PDX so I doubt anyone would look at me like a nut once that happens 🙂

  37. I feel the same way as you and some others…. We have a pharmacy called CVS around here. When I go there, I never buy more than 2 or three items (small items). They have a special tag that you put on your keychain or reusable bags so that you get rewarded for using a reusable bag. I hardly EVER use a reusable bag when I go there because everything fits right in my hands. EVER single time I take out that tag to get it scanned the cashier asks me where is my bag? Really, 2 items that I can carry in one hand and I need to actually HAVE the bag with my??? I usually get annoyed, show them my hands and state “RIGHT HERE!” along with a grumble and, “Yah, amazing a customer who can carry there own items without a bag. Bet you never saw that before! Call Ripley’s!!!!” I too get annoyed/agrivated at the ignorance of cashiers… (PS at one time in my life I too was one of those cashier’s but I am since reformed) LOL I think I get so annoyed because they are so rude about it. At least I was never rude to people!

  38. Here, it really depends. The groceries store are all in the trend of becoming greener. The problem is everywhere else! Like clothes stores, books stores and the like. What I find the most annoying in the world is my husband who is very pro reusable bags and have no problem with them, always returns from the drugstore with a pill bottle in a itsy tiny plastic bag with no handle! What in the world is the use of a plastic bag with no handle??? The thing can enter in my pocket! and I will bother to carry it in a plastic thingy? They should just have paper bags like when I was younger if they absolutely want tiny bags with no handles but why brushing the plastic bags so my husband have no choice afterhands? They could simply ask… Grr seriously I hate the double message we have here with the groceries stores and the other store!

  39. Up here in Canada there is a grocery store chain called Superstore, and they encourage the use of cloth bags, they actually credit you one penny for every re-usable bag you bring in and use while checking out !!!! Its really catching on too, Ive noticed other grocery stores adopting similar programmes!!!
    YAY for Canada!!

  40. Groceries are pretty good around here – and while some do give a “bag credit” I don’t see that as necessary – as I know people who don’t bother if there is no credit. I can try to explain about how using cloth is bigger than that – and the more people who use cloth will actually affect store pricing in general, but they are stuck on that five cents/bag.
    At my regular grocery (which does not have a credit) they are great about using my bags and seem to look for them. They will always ask if I want my milk in a bag – and I’ll always say “Only if there are enough for it to have it’s own bag” This seemed to confuse them for awhile, but I think they are catching on!

    Plus, the best reason to use reusable bags? They are sturdier and work better!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Try-it Tuesday – Home cold remedies =-.

  41. I always use my reusable bags, I probably have about two dozen!

    What kills me most is seeing all the bags at the farmer’s market on weekends. I’ve always thought people who shop at farmer’s markets tend to be “greener,” but there’s so much plastic floating around it’s insane.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Out of balance =-.

  42. i love using cloth diapers and am working on getting better about bringing my own bags when i shop. i want to conserve and create lest waste. that being said i also want to say:

    1. i work retail, and i ask almost every customer if they need a bag or not, and most look at me like i am crazy for asking.

    2. please have more grace for people who have to work retail. it’s not the most fun job and for not much pay. a little patience and a smile will go a long way towards educating others about being more responsible with our resources. a kind word will do more than a curt sarcastic remark. if we really want to help get people thinking, maybe we should think about that.


    1. Amanda, I am very glad you ask people. Every time I see someone leave a CVS with toothpaste in a tiny bag I want to die.

      I should mention that I used to work in retail for many years, and actually worked as a supervisor at that very TJ Maxx I complained about. I don’t think my response was rude at all. Had I just let her throw the bag away she would have never realized how silly and unnecessary it was. I can also recognize when an employee is just rushed or not thinking or one who is incompetent. She fell in the latter category. I did consider going to see who the manager was that day (who I would have known) to tell them they should train the cashiers better in regards to waste but I had my toddler with me and he was not happy at the time.

      I like to think I am very sympathetic to retail and food service employees since I worked in both industries for many years, beginning when I was 15. I am always a good tipper, and when the line is long for checkout I don’t take it out in the cashier like many people.

  43. Wow, I can’t believe you’ve been met with such hostility! While I’ve never had a cashier ask me if I had my own bags, I’ve never noticed that any of them really cared either. In fact, sometimes I just say, “I don’t need a bag” if it’s just a couple of items.

    But it took me months to get used to taking them to the grocery store! I do pretty well now, but I can’t seem to remember to bring them to go regular shopping.

  44. I am an extremely environmentally conscious cashier in a supermarket and I take it to offense that you would jump to such conclusions and generalize about cashiers.

    Firstly, for example, I ask nearly all people with a reasonable amount of items to be carried without a bag whether they want a bag or not. Almost 100% of the time people want their one item in a bag (whether I ask or not). RIDICULOUSLY irritating when you see hundreds of customers a day waste many plastic bags. I have people come through my line with a $300 order asking for double plastic, extra light. Wasteful and ridiculous. 

    Also, there would be a much more effective way to tell the cashier your reasoning for using reusable bags and not wasting plastic bags. You should anticipate that the person won’t understand, because clearly most people are ignorant in regards to recycling and the wastefulness of plastic bags, and get into the habit of saying that you don’t like to waste bags. 

    Working as a cashier is not an easy job as most people are nasty and treat us like we do not matter. Have some consideration but do not hesitate to express why they should not waste. All the baggers in my store know how I feel about plastic bags and I have even converted several baggers to being much more conscious of the fact that they are wasting bags and they now make an effort to save. 

    Kind words go a long way.

  45. I’m a cashier. You talk about training like cashiers are brought through 8 weeks of training. I was put on my own and I started bagging. I saw how someone used reusable bags so I copied them (tying the handles on the carousel). It wont make a difference. Reusable bags take time. It’s your choice to use them.

    Flatout saying that you dont care about others is terrible. I’m a very sympathetic person. You could use reusable bags with the understanding that it takes more time but insist because you believe it helps the environment, but to say you don’t care that other people have to stay longer because of you using reusable bags sounds cruel.

  46. I also have this problem and I work at the store the cashiers know me I try to explain that I care about the environment and I do not want to take part in the destruction of Gods beautiful earth (most of the cashiers are Christians and talk about it constantly so thought that would get through to them sadly it did not they still complain when I use my bag) but Im over it now too with ones I know I tell them I like them don’t want to irritate them but that I love the earth and creator more so they will not stop me from bringing my own bag other stores I’ve gotten to point I say if you don’t want to use my bag cancel the sell it will either save me money if I don’t need the items or I can find them somewhere else I’m sooooooo sick of it . wish we would ban all plastic bags.

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