Smashing Pumpkins Band Member Quiz for IG

Jumping on the “WHO/WHAT/WHICH” AR Filter band wagon here is a quiz for Smashing Pumpkins fans to see “which Smashing Pumpkins Band Member” they are. IG Filters can not use photo realistic images so to make this quiz I had to use Adobe Illustrator to make portraits of each touring band member.¬†

Since publishing this filter I’ve received a few DM’s asking for a way to get the portraits. I’m uploading two versions of the band portraits and just ask if you download to print that you only use the images for personal use and do not republish without permission. You can right click/save as as you please.

I had the most fun creating James Iha, with Jimmy Chamberlain as a close second. His tattoos were hard to find detailed ¬†images of so I did the best I could with the reference photos I could find. While James Iha hasn’t had the bleached streaks during the last few tours they felt so signature to him that I had to take a liberty there. For Jeff Shroeder, even though he doesn’t wear his eyeglasses on stage, I again had to take a liberty there and include his specs. Billy Corgan’s portrait was the least time consuming, no hair and I already had a ZERO graphic made.

For the instrument frames I used free vectors, there is no need to reinvent the wheel here when there are many assets available. I did, however, customize some of those instruments to closely match what the artists play. Notice Jimmy’s Drumhead.

The instruments are also used in the filter as particles.

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