Smashing Pumpkins Gif Stickers

While getting to know Adobe Illustrator and After Effects I decided to create gif stickers for the band The Smashing Pumpkins as a side passion project. The band was lacking any stickers that could be used on the Instagram platform in stories  (15 second clips.) Gif stickers are a fun way to customize stories and as an avid IG user for my personal profile and my business I was itching to test my skills by making fan stickers. 

You can now find virtually ALL of the Smashing Pumpkins stickers on IG by searching “smashing pumpkins” or “smashingpumpkins”

If you’re looking for more gif stickers my PACII stickers are on another page.

 The puppets were a particularly challenging illustration to attempt as someone with zero prior Ai experience and a pen tool newbie. The creation of both the color and black and white sides without real references other than tour images was a project that consumed me for more than a week in my free hours. Once I was able to see the puppets in person for the US tour I fixed some of the mistakes I had made based on blurry fan photos from the European tour. Each side is slightly different instead of just being a b+w version of the color side. The puppets were designed by Linda Strawberry (a frequent collaborator with Billy Corgan and SP/ The Strawberry Machine) and inspired by the Bauhaus ballet costume designs of Oskar Schlemmer.

I freely admit that I am not an artist myself and have no illustration skills so using existing art and making gifs of them is more my speed, or recreating with references. The watercolor gif of Jeff Shroeder, the guitarist for The Smashing Pumpkins, was done with permission of the artist Sayo (@Osgym) and the cartoon puppet heads and Billy Corgan illustration gifs were made using the art of @Braaainz with permission.

Most of the gifs are self-explanatory, logos, images or designs from music videos or album art/singles art, etc. The “S” logo and “Superslut” gifs are recreations of the designs seen in a t-shirt Billy Corgan wore often during live performances that fans have a soft spot for. The black bird is the Zwan logo, a band Billy Corgan fronted briefly after the band broke up in the early 2000’s.

WPC Gif Stickers

Similar to my SP gif intent, I created gif stickers for my own personal use in IG stories for the William Patrick Corgan US Solo Tour and new album release. 

Night Dreamer

A set of ten gif stickers made for Night Dreamer for their Giphy channel using their logos that I was able to vectorize and animate with After Effects, or in the case of the eyemask, draw, add their vector logo, then animate. Some gifs are unable to be seen since they’re fully white.