If you’re more than just a casual Smashing Pumpkins fan then you’re familiar with the Superslut shirt worn by Billy Corgan. It’s impossible to find, though a similar remake by Stray Rats was made a few years ago. 

Initially I took on faithfully reproducing the shirt graphics from the references I could find online to make them into a gif. The graphics were so perfect I decided to try and recreate the shirts but finding a shirt printer with the option to make a single shirt with printed long sleeves was nearly impossible, until I lucked into one months after giving up the dream of my very own Superslut shirt.

Please read before you buy:

The shirts are available in two text styles (Superslut or Supersad) and each is available on either a Black Eco Hoodie, Black Organic Long Sleeves, Classic Long Sleeves (up to size 5XL), or Classic Hoodie (up to size 4XL). Each shirt is made to order through the printer, TeeSpring. Shirts are 2 color printing so there will be no black around the yellow and pink like the originals but in person it’s not missed. The size of the sleeve graphics were not able to be replicated exactly to the scale of the original, another limitation of the printer, but this is as faithful as I could get it within the constraints of Teespring’s printable area.

In the stock mock-ups the colors appear to be bold pink and yellow- this was intentional because the colors print lighter. In person you will find the colors to be much closer to the original colors in the shirt. Please see the actual product images above for the truer representation of the printed colors as they appear on hoodies. I am shown wearing the size MEDIUM Eco hoodie. My sample long sleeve shirts differ in color but I’m not sure why and if this will be the case for everyone. Superslut shirts have a lighter pink, Saupersad show a deeper pink. 

I have ZERO (pun intended) to do with the fulfillment of the products, availability of stock,  or quality of the shirts – if you have issues you will need to contact TeeSpring directly.

TeeSpring is a POD model. You order each piece and they print for you and ship direct. This means that products take weeks to arrive on a good day, Covid-19 has made products take even longer. Products on arrival will have an odor but this goes away after a single wash. TeeSpring charges a shipping fee per piece, yes this sucks, no I can’t do anything to change it, it’s the way they do things. To offset the expensive shipping I have made the prices far lower than TeeSpring’s suggested MSRP but the shirts are just expensive to produce because they charge a fee per sleeve to print. 

My advice is, unless you need a size 3XL+ to order the Organic Hoodie or Organic Long Sleeve because they are a super nice quality. I have not seen a version of this design printed on the Classic Hoodie or Classic Long Sleeve. 

Fundraising: For the first month (beginning 6/11) all profits from purchases will be directed to two charities. Superslut designs will benefit Billy Corgan’s favorite non-profit, PAWS Chicago. Supersad designs will benefit a Black Lives Matter charity of my own choice.

*** I do not own the copyright to the Supersluts design (or any Smashing Pumpkins imagery) and only set about to create one for myself, but due to interest it has turned into a shirt available to fans. This is a project for fans of The Smashing Pumpkins only and involved an incredible amount of time and attention to detail. I did not do this to personally profit from the sales, I just really really really wanted a shirt and have the graphic skills to make it happen. The shop with these shirts is UNLISTED meaning only people with the link have access. For now I am ok with sharing the link myself, and if you know someone who would love this shirt you can link them, but please don’t blast these in a crazy public place. WPC was made aware of the shirt project and confirmed the design is not an SP property but I’d rather keep these to a limited number of fans. I also included fanmade merch that is in this store, also unlisted for the time being using graphics from previous projects. ***

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