Baby Signing Success, Finally!

While I was pregnant with my first son I decided I wanted to work on baby signs with him.  I didn’t buy any materials; I just looked up the signs I wanted to use online. Starting at 3 months I began signing “milk,” and when he began eating solids we started working on “eat,” “more,” […]

The Trouble With Traveling With a Mobile Baby

I have been away from home for over 2 weeks.  We have been staying with family in North Carolina for Thanksgiving.  Let me tell you, it has been terrible.  I didn’t realize how much different it is to have a mobile baby.  We were here last time when my son was just sitting up.  Now, […]

Happy First Birthday, Fletcher!

Today we are celebrating the birth of my son one year ago. It has gone by incredibly fast and when I realize it has been a full year since giving birth I’m not sure I believe it. On one hand it feels like ages ago since I was a milk machine 24/7 and had this […]

Simma Down Na!

Or, Simmer Down Now for those not down with the Cheri Oteri.  You may have noticed I am slowing it down a bit.  I extended the “All About Babywearing” Month into November to give myself more time to write the reviews.  I still have quite a few carriers to review, and they are exciting!  Between […]

Giggle Time!!!

My son is a very serious baby.  He smiles, and he laughs, but generally he is an observer of the world.  Anyone who has met him comments on how “alert” he is or how serious he looks.  Sometimes people don’t even believe he smiles or laughs!  Of course he does.  I remember the first time […]

Having a baby makes you greener?!?!

I was thinking today about how little TV i have watched in the past few weeks. Last night I watched a total of one hour’s worth of TV. I will cop to having the TV on 80-10 hours a day before having a baby. Even after having him I would have it on, whether I […]