Breastfeeding in Public- Talents- I haz it

This entry is part of The Carnival of Breastfeeding.  If you want to read more inspiring stories about breastfeeding in public, you can find links to other contributors at the end of this article.  Enjoy reading my adventures in NIPing… and as I write this I am NAKing!   Imagine my shock when I look […]

Happy 6 Months, Fletcher

  Six months ago my son was born.  7 lbs, 3 oz, 19.5 inches long, and cute as a button.  I didn’t get my dream birth experience since I was high risk, but I did deliver my dream son.  I remember when I was pregnant, passerbys, friends, and family alike used to tell me “Appreciate […]


If you have been visiting my blog from the get go you will notice many, many changes.  It has and will always be a work in progress.  What blog or website isn’t?  The two new recent developments:  I am part of the BlogHer ad network, and I am blogging for  For people visiting my […]

Mom, what’s this “grass” stuff?

Yesterday was the nicest day of the year so far!  A friend and I went to Ithaca NY to buy some cloth diapers and tool around town.  I just love going to Ithaca because I am not the crunchiest person around.  While we were eating lunch a woman had to breastfeed her son, and did […]

What a Wonderful Life!

Today has been the absolute best day!  We started the day going to the pediatrician, and the news was good.  Everything is fine, he may have some chest congestion causing him to have an upset tummy resulting in more spitting up.  Next we had some time to kill before meeting my husband for lunch.  We […]

Boobies are awesome!

Yes, I love my boobs.  I love them because they work very well.  My son loves them!  He is definitely a boobaholic, he is addicted, to boob-ahol.  (Simpsons fans, anyone?)  I do take them for granted.  If he is fussy a boob generally gets shoved in his mouth.  If I know he is sleepy I […]