A Look Back: A Year of Babywearing

There isn’t much more to share about my babywearing experience that I didn’t already divulge during All About Babywearing Month.  I didn’t start from day one but I wish I had.  Babywearing is such an intimidating thing at first.  I wish everyone could attend a babywearing class to help them learn how to use their […]

I’m Breastfeeding all over America. Boston Edition.

Over the long weekend the husband and I drove to Connecticut to visit some friends.  They had a labor day party, and so we heard free food and drove 4 hours!  To make the most of our drive we also took a day trip to Boston the next day, which was only 1 hour from […]

1000 Islands Daytrip

On Saturday the hubby and I finally made it to the 1000 Islands for a little sightseeing.  I have been wanting to tour Boldt Castle for ages.  Saturday was projected to be a perfect day so we decided this was the day.  Our trip was mostly boat and castle related.  We took a tour boat […]

Ergo, how I love thee….

Let me count the ways…   You make my life so simple in so many ways.  You are always in my car when I need you.  You have a handy pocket for my wallet and keys that I use daily.  You let my son chew on your straps while we shop.  You have the most […]