Photographing Fletcher with his Age in Numbers- Behind the Scenes

 Our little tradition of photographing Fletcher next to leaves raked into his age is now 4 years old.  What once was as simple as walking into the backyard and raking ow involves driving and seeking leaves in far off locations.  Those in the north might be looking at their backyards piled with leaves in jealousy […]

Happy 4th Birthday, Fletcher!

It’s 4:30 am.  I just finished editing Fletcher’s 4th Birthday video.  This year I waited until the day before, nay, the night before his brithday to fully immerse myself in the task.  For each child’s birthday I make a video chronicling their year.  I started this tradition with Fletcher’s first birthday, skipped his second due to […]

Happy 2nd Birthday Everett!

There is no way it has been 2 years since Everett joined our family.  With two children now Everett’s life has gone by at warp speed.  Before he was born I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to love him as much as his brother.  Now I don’t remember life without him.  Everett has […]

A Wedding + A New Camera

Last week the family and I packed our bags and drove from our new home in Florida back to North Carolina.  This time it was for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  The timing could have been better and her wedding conflicted with my plans to once again attend the ABC Kids Expo but it is a happy […]

A toilet, a dresser, a mirror, and a clean garage walk into a bar…

When you can’t think of a title and you are exhausted from working around the house for weeks on end and entertaining guests for a week you just start talking gibberish.  I thought I would update everyone on the progress of the many projects we are juggling around the home.  This also explains why I’ve […]

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-Up in Pictures

Steven flew in to spend the long weekend with us on Friday and we surprised him inside of the airport. Saturday we spent the morning at Discovery Place in Huntersville. The water play area was impressive. The kid’s favorite exhibit was the miniature cafe. Fletcher served Daddy delicious meals. Everett cuddling at the cook-out. Sunday […]

Daddy is an iPhone- Why You Should Stay Away From Short Sales-Updated 6/4

{warning- adult language} {Scroll to bottom for the update} With 2 months 3 Months of living in separate states under our belts a few things have become clear- Everett thinks his father is an iPhone and Fletcher believes Daddy is always “at the office” or finding a house in Florida. 3 months ago we put […]