Ithaca- Where crunchiness roams

Today was yet another trip to Ithaca, NY.  Yes, Ithaca is “gorges”  hah hah.  Now that that is out of your system I will continue. If you aren’t aware, Ithaca is a very “green” city.  I love the fact that when I go there I am almost soggy compared to the general public.  It gives […]

A Well Meaning Husband

Yesterday morning it was my turn to sleep in.  Hallelujah!  This meant my husband got to do the first diaper change of the day.  Well, I had very few diapers to choose from that were clean.  There was a load of clean, dry diapers in the dryer… which is in the basement.  I believe the […]

Not cool, man

I am without a laptop.  For anyone reading my blog this means I will not be frantically updating as much as usual.  The other bad news in relation to this is that my data for the gro baby/ g diaper comparison video I had planned was on that laptop.  It should still be there when […]

What a Gorgeous Day!

The reason I didn’t post today was because the weather was too awesome to be sitting in front of a computer. I was out and about most of the day! Fletcher did pretty well, he hung out in his stroller for our first walk, and I used the Ergo for the walk at Green Lakes […]

Diaper Laundry…..

I am just not in the mood for diaper laundry today. My basement is frigid and my body aches for some reason or another. Then there is the issue of that GIANT box blocking my path from my apartment to the stairs. Currently they are on the hot wash/ cold rinse/ cold rinse cycle with […]

Babywearing FTW!

I just met my husband for lunch.  I was naughty and had Arby’s- a beef and cheddar and a jamocha shake.  I have been good this week so I cheated a little.  Plus as of today I am officially down to my pre-pregnancy weight!  I still have a few to lose but hurray!  After lunch […]