Big Changes for the Rosas Family

Consider this an official announcement that my family and I are moving back to Charlotte, NC!!!   Ever since we left NC nearly 10 years ago our hope has been that one day we would make it back.  Now it’s happening! I grew up in NC and my husband and I met in college at […]

Bathroom Remodel Status: Complete. From 70’s to Sleek.

After beginning the bathroom remodel process over 4 months ago I’m thrilled to call this project DONE.  After being quoted $8,000-10,000 for our little hallway size bathroom from professional contractors my husband and I unexpectedly decided that we would DIY it.  I was shocked myself but after doing so much around the home already we […]

“Don’t Touch That Saw!” and other tales from bathroom remodel HELL

Without sounding like I am complaining about living in the house we waited over 6 months for please let me whine to you about trying to renovate our bathroom with two little ones running around. The weekend before last my husband got the itch to start this huge project.  We knew before buying the home […]

Finally, a place to call HOME

It’s been 6 months in the making but I can finally say that my family is living in our new home in Florida!  We bid on the short sale home on January 26 and we got our keys on June 28.  My husband moved down from Syracuse to Florida after our home was packed up […]

Is it possible to have a baby AND an attractive home?

Yes, and no. My dilemma before my son had even entered the world was this: Buy the crazy interactive, plastic, sound making, light flashing toys that would probably entertain my son OR go for the natural, wooden, Scandinavian design toys that would meld into my decor as if a baby didn’t even live here. I […]