My DITL April 22- Washing Cloth Diapers!

This was meant to be posted with my DITL but after many, many technical difficulties it is being posted at 11:00 pm. If there are mamas out there who are cloth curious and feel washing diapers is too laborious I ask you to watch this video. Even with 2 flights of stairs to climb my […]

To wash or not to wash!

Yesterday I took a tally of all of my diapers.  I have a lot!  Enough to not wash every 2 days, but I end up doing it anyway. Why, you ask? Because my stupid diaper pail is so small. Only 2 days worth of diapers fit. The manufacturers of cloth diapers suggest washing every 2 […]

Diaper Laundry…..

I am just not in the mood for diaper laundry today. My basement is frigid and my body aches for some reason or another. Then there is the issue of that GIANT box blocking my path from my apartment to the stairs. Currently they are on the hot wash/ cold rinse/ cold rinse cycle with […]