A toilet, a dresser, a mirror, and a clean garage walk into a bar…

When you can’t think of a title and you are exhausted from working around the house for weeks on end and entertaining guests for a week you just start talking gibberish.  I thought I would update everyone on the progress of the many projects we are juggling around the home.  This also explains why I’ve […]

In the Company of a Rock Star

Chalk this up to paranoia, delusions of gradeur, narcissism, or a little of everything, but I swear, everywhere I go people are staring at me.  Or pointing.  Or smiling.  Or whispering to one another. Why is this? At first I assumed  it was because I was drop dead gorgeous {in my dreams} but I finally […]

I Need a Village

There are certain days where I feel like I could crouch in the corner and weep from pure frustration and exhaustion.  Nobody said having kids was easy, but I never pictured raising 2 kids, 2 years apart, 12 hours away from where my family and friends lived. We intentionally conceived our first child knowing we […]