Happy Holidays from DDL and Family!

I hope everyone reading has a joyous holiday, no matter what the celebration, and enjoys time with good friends and family.  For us, Christmas is all about spending time together as a family, beginning wonderful traditions. and making memories.  I can’t wait to open that one gift on Christmas Eve, leave the cookies, milk, and […]

What I Love About 3 Year Old Fletcher

3 Year old Fletcher is the most awesome little guy in the world.  I don’t know how you couldn’t have fun with a kid this age.  He has really grown, even in just the past 3 weeks, and the changes he makes every day are amazing.  These are the many reasons, of a million, why […]

What I Love About Everett (1 Year Old)

I was reminded of a post I made a year ago for Fletcher that I wrote listing out all of the reasons I loved him.  It is only fair that I do the same for Everett.  I am also planning on doing another list for my 3 Year Old Fletcher when that time comes. What […]

What I Love About My Son

My 2 Year old son, Fletcher, makes my heart happy. I see him learning more and more every single day.  He is becoming quite the talker too.  I wanted to list all of my favorite things about him because he has been on my mind a lot. I love that he goes and grabs a […]

“Sorry, Honey. I can’t have sex tonight because I am lactating.”

This article was recently brought to my attention, however it appears that it is 4 years old.  Since the first publishing Rabbi Shmuley has since apologized.  I address that at the end of my response.  No matter how old the article is it is still alive and kicking on the internet and doing damage to […]