Million Dollar Diapers

Today I got to attend the annual “Muffins with Mom” at my youngest son’s pre-school.  Every year all the mothers are treated to handmade wearables (think paper plate hats and matchbox lockets covered in rhinestones.) The children share their gifts with the mothers and enjoy a special treat.  It’s a wonderfully put together affair each […]

Mother’s Day as a Mom of Two

Even though today is just another day, it also has the title of Mother’s Day.  I’m not complaining!  This is the one day of year, other than my birthday, that I get special treatment.  I am guaranteed the option of sleeping in, I get gifts, and my husband is a little extra helpful around the […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today I was able to sleep in until 10, was served breakfast in bed, and my husband helped me clean the house.  That must mean it is Mother’s Day! I wanted to take the opportunity while my son is napping to wish all of the other Mothers out there a special day.  Homemade cards, paintings, […]

Mother’s Day- Over

Today was the first of many Mother’s Days to come for me.  I actually remembered it this year since it meant I would actually be celebrated!  Before being a mother it didn’t mean much.  My mother isn’t one to be celebrated.  I thank her for feeding, clothing, and keeping me alive for the years I […]