Big Changes for the Rosas Family

Consider this an official announcement that my family and I are moving back to Charlotte, NC!!!   Ever since we left NC nearly 10 years ago our hope has been that one day we would make it back.  Now it’s happening! I grew up in NC and my husband and I met in college at […]

So Worth The Wait…

Almost 4 months ago the boys and I moved into our new home in Florida where we reunited with my husband after a very long 6 months.  For those new here the short version is this:  Husband got a new job in Florida and we announced our move.  We looked online for homes near Tampa […]

Finally, a place to call HOME

It’s been 6 months in the making but I can finally say that my family is living in our new home in Florida!  We bid on the short sale home on January 26 and we got our keys on June 28.  My husband moved down from Syracuse to Florida after our home was packed up […]

Daddy is an iPhone- Why You Should Stay Away From Short Sales-Updated 6/4

{warning- adult language} {Scroll to bottom for the update} With 2 months 3 Months of living in separate states under our belts a few things have become clear- Everett thinks his father is an iPhone and Fletcher believes Daddy is always “at the office” or finding a house in Florida. 3 months ago we put […]

The Rosas Family is Moving!

At the end of this month my family will be relocating from Syracuse, NY to Tampa, FL.  I’ve hinted at some Big Changes coming our way and now I can finally tell everyone.  My husband is being transferred to a different office and we couldn’t be happier.  Syracuse was never home for us, partly because […]