Happy First Birthday, Fletcher!

Today we are celebrating the birth of my son one year ago. It has gone by incredibly fast and when I realize it has been a full year since giving birth I’m not sure I believe it. On one hand it feels like ages ago since I was a milk machine 24/7 and had this […]

A Look Back: One Year of Cloth Diapering

Well, technically I didn’t start full time until he was 2 weeks old. I did use them occasionally until 2 weeks. Here are some tips, life lessons, and thoughts on the first year of cloth diapering. DO NOT prep your prefolds by boiling them in a tiny apartment. Trust me. Don’t show off your stash […]

A Look Back: One Year of Breastfeeding

Since my son will be turning one on the 22nd of November, I am going to reminisce about the past year, and the many things I have learned about breastfeeding. I can now say I am a “pro”, but I didn’t start off that way. These are just random thoughts, musings, tips, advice, and anecdotes […]