Texas 2.0

We got back from Texas on Sunday.  It was a long day which began at 3:30 am and lasted until 5:30 pm.  2 flights and a 1.5 hour car ride home.  I am lucky that my son is a great traveler and has always been great on the plane.  We visited my husband’s grandmother.  She […]

In a land without Internet!

Some of you know this, but I had to book it on a plane over to San Antonio to visit a family member who is very ill.  She wanted very much to see her “golden boy” who is also my son.  My son is the only blonde member of her family so this cracks me […]

It feels soooooo good to be home.

Whew!  We made it to Texas and back without a scratch.  Actually, I take that back.  I got injured in the D.C. airport by a “gentleman” who ran over my pinky toe with his luggage.  The whole trip was fun.  We completely surprised my husband’s grandmother.  We got to see his uncles, cousins, and his […]

Texas water is not friendly to my diapers…

To make this story make sense I should tell you that I have done one wash for my cloth diapers since being here in Texas.  Last night I woke to my son having a wet back.  Argh.   I changed him and put him back in bed with me.  I woke up a few hours later […]

Our Trip So Far

I am stealing a minute at a relative’s house here in San Antonio to post an update.  I am also typing one handed since my son is sleeping in my arm.  I already posted about some things.  This is my first plane trip with cloth diapers.  It is going well except that Fletcher has had […]


Tonight is my last night in my bed.  Tomorrow we wake at 3:30 am to get ready and head to the airport.  I am confident Fletcher will behave on the flight.  He is my boobie baby, so I believe he will be happy to suck even if he isn’t eating just to stay calm.  And […]