2 Year Molars Can Suck My Big Toe!

I still have an eye mask on the top of my forehead that is acting like a headband.  My 2 year old is just now acting semi-normal after spending the past 4 hours either crying ,screaming, nursing, whining, kicking legs, directing me to walk him in circles, or telling me he needs candy.  Apparently candy […]

“PUSH!” When Pooping is Like Giving Birth

[highlight]The following blog post is beyond TMI.  If you dislike the words “poop,” “turd,” and “anus” then you will want to close the window.  And if you are wondering, this is about my son and not me.  Baby poop is fine to discuss, adult poop is not.  [/highlight]   About every 5-10 days there is […]

Overly Attached Toddler

My son just turned two years old and he is a toddler through and through.  Demanding, stubborn, dangerous, clingy, and cuddly.  At this age they aren’t sure whether they want to be independent or stuck to you like glue.  So instead they have bi-polar mood swings that would make even Sybil envious.  One minute they […]

Is My Child EVER Going To Talk? Yes, so enjoy the silence while you can!

  I had a conversation with my 3.5 year old son today and it went something like this: “I really want to go to the book store and ride the elelator (escalator) and play on the train table.” “We already did that today.” “We rode the elelator up, up, up and turned right and saw […]

{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday: Breastfeeding Bliss

I’ve been learning how to shoot in Manual Mode on my Nikon D80 for the past 2 weeks in earnest (inspired by Jill from Baby Rabies). After shooting a few photos of my guy I laid the camera down on the bed and he signed for milk. I crawled in bed with him and cuddled […]

The Reset and Rest Period of Parenting

There is a magical moment in parenting that I like to think of as the “Reset and Rest” Period. This moment doesn’t come around that often, but when it does it gives me a chance to breathe and feel like a great parent (if only for a few minutes.) When my toddler has just gone […]