To make this story make sense I should tell you that I have done one wash for my cloth diapers since being here in Texas.  Last night I woke to my son having a wet back.  Argh.   I changed him and put him back in bed with me.  I woke up a few hours later and he had another wet back.  Seriously?  I changed him again, his outfit, and had to sleep on a corner of the bed to avoid the 2 wet spots that were now in the bed.  FUN! 

We woke for good at 5:30 am, which is just right since in NY we wake at 6:30 am.  I realize that of course, my diapers were repelling.  I had no more clean G Diaper covers, and all of my “regular” cloth diapers were dirty. 

My son is now wearing disposables.  I feel so defeated.  He has worn 4 today.  We were out all day and I couldn’t wash.  I know I have to strip my diapers.  I have no clue how I should wash them here.  So I think I am going to wash them and run a few extra rinses but wait until I get home to truly strip them.  So once I wash all of my g diaper covers tomorrow I will go back to those.  And if I run out of those I must use disposables.  🙁  I would have really been in trouble had my mother-in-law now brought the diapers she had at her house with her here to Texas.  I was like “ah, she is wasting her time…. she doesn’t need to bring those.”  But now I am secretly thankful.

Cloth diapers, although wonderful, great for the environment, and soft for your baby’s bum, are also a puzzle.  If you have ever gone on a cloth diapering forum the most popular topic is washing diapers.  Every person has a different method.  This is due to the fact that different areas have different water types, people have different types of washers, and they also use different detergents.  Apparently, my wash method does not jive with Texas water.  We leave on Saturday so I am going to tough it out.  I really, really wanted to prove to myself I was 100% cloth but apparently it wasn’t meant to be.  I am still very proud of the commitment I have made and the time I spend making cloth work for our family.  I hope this is a lesson to everyone that even though cloth can be done on vacation, sometimes it just isn’t meant to me. 

My son’s butt looks so funny without all of the extra fluff.  So sad 🙁

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