To start with, actually birth a child is on the top of the list! In my younger years I was dead set on adoption as the means to having a child. My skinny self thought that being pregnant and having a child burst forth from your loins was the worst thing that could happen to a person. Who in their right minds would actually WANT to do that?

Now, I believe I enjoy child birth for the miracle it is.  I can overlook the pain and damage inflicted to your body because both of those go away.  

I swore I would never baby talk.  Guess what?  It is physically impossible to be around a baby, talk to that baby, and not raise your voice 10 octaves.  I tried.  You break out in a cold sweat and begin shaking before your voice slowly climbs to a pitch only babies and dogs can hear.  If you see me moving my lips but you hear nothing, just know that my son (and any dogs that might walk by) know exactly what I am saying.  “Gonna write that novel, get an antagonist, protagonist?…” (another quote…. Family guy this time)  Oh, and it is actually beneficial to talk in baby talk.  Just so ya know.

Breastfeed- yuck.  Those were my thoughts before getting pregnant.  I know, I know… that is what boobs are there for.  Guys love em, but so do babies.  Babies trump guys.  Once I got pregnant the idea just grew with me and I appreciated how special it was and that it was the intention of your boobs.  Now my boobs are in use many hours a day.   I love breastfeeding more than I can express (get it?) and I never want to stop.  Talk about a 180.  

I assumed incorrectly that having a baby will not affect your social life.  Your old friends do not want to hang out with parents and babies.  It is a necessity to find “mom” friends.  I will not join a mall stroller derby though, I have to draw the line somewhere. 

Finally, I never thought I would let having a baby completely change my life.  It has changed everything.  I used to wake up at noon, now I am up and running most days by 8 am.  I used to go out to eat- a lot- with my husband.  Now we are lucky to sit in a restaurant once every two weeks.  And it is always with the baby, we don’t have a sitter.  Movie nights are spent at home and a Netflix DVD.  I have not stepped foot in a theater in over 6 months.  

And despite all of those things, I love motherhood!  

For reading this I will give you a smile.


My little cowboy
My little cowboy

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  1. Kim, you are an absolute wonderful mother. I don’t know how you do it all. You truly are an inspiration.

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