As the year comes to a close it is time for all bloggers to reflect on their work from the past year.  On a personal level, this year has been amazing for me.  I found out I was pregnant and had a baby.  I weaned one baby and started nursing another.  My toddler has changed from a baby to a little boy.  And my blog has grown.

This year we tried to get cloth diapers on Ellen.  If anyone is wondering, she did get the package of diapers and our videos.  It was handed to her directly, but I haven’t heard anything.

The cloth diaper industry rallied to help Haiti.

Then they rallied again after the oil spill.

bumGenius! released their much anticipated Artist Series prints (to rave and not to rave reviews)

And CBS’s report on cloth diapers turned into good news for us all in the end.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, my top 10 posts of 2010.  I also have my top 9 of 2009 for anyone really wanting to look back.  These are either my favorites, or my most viewed/ most commented on.

Breastfeeding on the Roseanne Show, honestly portrayed

I had so much fun writing the Roseanne post.  I even payed for the episode on Amazon in order to get the screen shots so you could see what I was seeing.  I am still in love with the show and watch it whenever I see a rerun on.  You just don’t see breastfeeding on TV in the way they showed it.

Pampers Dry Max Causing Severe Rashes

So this one really blew up my stat counter.  My blog has never seen so much traffic, but sadly, it was for a not so awesome post.  My personal friend experienced the rash seen in the photo.  And so did thousands of other parents.  Caused by Dry Max?  I think so, so do the parents.  Pampers didn’t, and unfortunately, after being investigated the CPSC didn’t either.  The silver lining was that many parents learned the benefits of cloth diapers and I know for a fact that lots of moms switched to cloth diapers, even those not suffering from the rash, thanks to this story.

The Sadness and Joy of Weaning

Just re-reading this post brings hot tears to my eyes.  I very gently weaned my son when he was 18 months old.  I was also in my second trimester.  Now I am nursing my newest baby, but I still miss that bonding time with my toddler.  Luckily he loves cuddling.  He still places his head on my chest, skin to skin, as a comfort.

How to fold wipes for a “pop-up” effect

I love the way I fold my wipes, and so I did a video demo on how I make my cloth wipes pop up from an old disposable wipes container.

The Great Divide of Cloth Diapering

The post where I admit cloth diapers aren’t exactly practical for every family, but I certain would like as many to use them as possible.  Maybe we should focus more middle class families who can afford the start up costs and have the time and equipment to wash diapers?

How to end Co-Sleeping: Advice Needed

I pleaded for help to you all and received a ton of helpful advice in the comments.  If anyone is in the same situation take a look, the advice did help and I did get my toddler in his own bed and sleeping through the night.  I wrote about that as well in: Update on our Co-Sleeping Conundrum

bumGenius! Tiny Socialite Collection Reveal

I was very honored to be picked by bumGenius! to get a sneak peak of their new Artist Series prints.  I had my toddler model them and took what I believe to be GORGEOUS photos of him in them.  The prints shook up the cloth diaper world.  There were lovers, and a lot of haters.  I was pretty darn surprised at the hurtful and snide comments made by some.  Regardless, they are selling quite well!  I can’t wait to see the next series!

Everett’s Homebirth Story

By far, the biggest personal event for me this year was the birth of my second son.  We were able to have a beautiful homebirth, attended by 2 midwives, a doula, my husband, and a photographer.  It turned out better than even I could have hoped for.  I linked the story, but the video slideshow can be viewed here as well: Homebirth video.

Tongue Tied and Breastfeeding

Despite thinking that my baby and I were going to have an easy go of breastfeeding, my second son ended up being tongue tied.  We had his tongue clipped and it completely solved the issue and I am so thankful we caught it early.

What I love about my son Fletcher

This month I wrote some of the many, many reasons I love my son Fletcher.  He is such a special boy and I fall in love with him again every single day.  I am truly lucky that he chose me to be his mommy.

Image via Flickr user Camera Slayer using Creative Commons license

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