After some thought I did decide that I will be live tweeting my homebirth! Due to the unpredictable nature of labor I don’t know when/ how often I will update.  I have told my husband what I want done and he will take over updates once I get to a point where I would rather not be tweeting.

So, here are the details:

Follow me on Twitter if you aren’t already. @KimRosas

Watch my updates.  When I do go into labor, I will begin tweeting with the #twitterbirth hashtag.  If I am lucky, no one else will be tweeting their birth with this hashtag as well.  This way, you could search for it (or just read my stream) to see all of my updates.

Not on Twitter and you don’t want to join?  I will be choosing some updates to also be shared on my Facebook Fan Page ( If we update with less frequency I may share them all.  I just don’t want to overtake anyone’s feed!

In addition, I will post to the blog once I go into labor (a pre-written blog post will go up just reminding you to follow Twitter/Facebook for the updates.)

I will be signing my updates as -K, my husband will be -S, and if my doula gets in on the action she will be -M.

You are welcome to root me on by tweeting back at me or by commenting on a facebook update.  I will keep Tweetgrid open to view replies for a good morale boost if I need it!

Less than 2 weeks until my due date, so let’s just say I should definitely have a baby within the next 4 weeks!

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  1. How exciting! I can’t wait to read all about it…I’m just a little jealous that I couldn’t do it too! Good luck, and hopes for a speedy delivery!

  2. That’s awesome as hell! I was initially going to tweet-update my birth (back in early 2009, when I knew much less about twitter, lol), but it turned out that the hospital didn’t get wireless in the labor room.

    I’ll keep an eye open for it. 😀 Good luck with your home birth; it’ll be interesting to “see” one go down.

  3. Ooo I would have been mad if my hospital didn’t have wireless for my first birth! Benefits of homebirth I suppose! Thanks for the well wishes! We are in denial I think. Having a toddler makes baby #2 almost non existent until he gets here!

  4. I don’t Tweet so I’ll be anxiously awaiting whatever other updates you do elsewhere! Good luck with your homebirth–I am so glad you were able to have one!

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