The reason I didn’t post today was because the weather was too awesome to be sitting in front of a computer. I was out and about most of the day! Fletcher did pretty well, he hung out in his stroller for our first walk, and I used the Ergo for the walk at Green Lakes Park. And surprisingly we weren’t the only people wearing our babies. I saw one in a Moby wrap and another in a structured front carrier, but I couldn’t tell which kind.

The bad news is that Fletcher has been spitting up a lot lately, more than he used to and probably more than is normal. I haven’t started solids or changed my diet. I called the pediatrician and they are going to see us tomorrow. I hope I get some answers. I do have some cute pictures to share. He found his feet last week so tonight we got pictures of it, and a bonus is that he is wearing his gro baby!

Fletcher looking cute

Fletcher and his feet!
Fletcher and his feet

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