Today has been the absolute best day!  We started the day going to the pediatrician, and the news was good.  Everything is fine, he may have some chest congestion causing him to have an upset tummy resulting in more spitting up.  Next we had some time to kill before meeting my husband for lunch.  We shopped a little, and I figured out a new trick: nursing in my ring sling.  I put him in the tummy to tummy hold with legs out, and popped my boob up a little.  Worked like a charm!  I walked about the store and shopped while he nursed.  Win Win.

Next was lunch, we went to a chinese buffet.  Fletcher behaved until close to the end, so this was great news.  Typically our eating involves a lot of crying and bouncing.  After I dropped my husband back off Fletcher was cranky.  I nursed him in my car and we danced for 15 minutes in the parking lot to Radiohead.  It was pretty fun.  

Drove home and ran into a few neighbors outside, we chatted.  One commented that I must be having the time of my life with my new son.  I was like, “yeah, I think I am!”  

So for the rest of the day I am doing my neglected domestic duties:  dishes and laundry.  After I finish I think I am going to the park.  It is too gorgeous not to.   I will try to get something useful up on here later tonight when the sun is down 🙂

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