My 2 Year old son, Fletcher, makes my heart happy. I see him learning more and more every single day.  He is becoming quite the talker too.  I wanted to list all of my favorite things about him because he has been on my mind a lot.

I love that he goes and grabs a cleaning cloth when he spills something on the floor or table.

I love how he runs to his brother every time he cries and tries to make him stop with kisses and hugs.

I love the toys he picks as his favorites.  Currently he is dragging around an old school phone and 3 James the Train Pez Dispensers (with no pez in them).  He even slept with all 3 for his nap.

I love that he falls asleep while I read him “The Tiny Seed” for his nap, every single day, by the third from last page.

I love that he comes up to me, his brother, and his Daddy and says “I Love You” for no good reason.

I love that he now shakes our hands and says “nice to meet you” which sounds like “dee doo.”

I love how he lines up all of his toys in a row and tells them to “go.”

I love (and hate) that he only counts by saying “boo, ba, boo, ba” even though I know darn well he knows the numbers.

I love that he knows so many colors and shapes and finds them everywhere in everyday life, like the triangle on the floor, the oval on a paper, or the rectangle of the door.

I love that he can find the smallest thing, far away, and point it out.  Like a penguin on a Xmas sweater in a store, and then say “wah wah” for what the penguin says.

I love his independent spirit even though it can be challenging.

I love the face he makes when he is mad, and how he sighs and shrugs his shoulders with it.

I love that he still wants to place his hand in my cleavage for comfort, only when he really needs it, as a remnant of our nursing days.

I love when he pats the bed or seat next to him when he wants us to sit with him.

I love how he can always find the moon in the sky no matter how small or dark it is.

I love his concerned nature.  He says “oh no!” when we read books or watch a show in which a person is in trouble.

I love that he enjoys putting on all of our shoes and walking around the house.

I love that he knows what Santa says.

I love how he still wants to snuggle with his face directly on my chest, and will pull my shirt aside to make sure that happens.

I love his smiles.

I love that he has learned the word “mine” but will still share his toys when we ask.

I love the way his hair looks after he wakes up from a nap.

I love how he can fall asleep with his Daddy in the strangest ways.

I love how every “scary” animal makes the same growl, tiger, lions, bears, alligators, and so on.

I love how he grabs my hand and says “walk” when he wants something or wants to play.

I love that his 3rd word was balloon, and how much joy he gets from them.

I love that he says “thank you” more often than not.

I love how he is already an iPhone expert.

I love how he says “home” when he realizes where we are on our drive.

I love the way he plays with his trains and that he knows who Thomas and Toby are.

I love that he knows who Mario is.

I love how he sees older men with mustaches and calls them “pawpaw.”

I love how he talking in a robot voice and says every word he knows in it.

I love that he is an awesome dancer and can pick up any move he sees on TV.

I love how much he loves his brother.

And I love the way he runs into his daddy’s arms when he comes home from work and how excitedly he says “Daddy, Daddy!”

2 Years is a challenging age.  We have plenty of daily struggles.  He throws his fair share of tantrums and he can get ugly.  But I remind myself that I am so lucky to have him.  He is so loving and sweet and bright.  Even though every single day is a battle with the 2 kids, and there is a lot of crying and screaming involved, I am still one lucky mama to the two most handsome boys on earth!

PS.  If you love my boys too, they have a whole YouTube Channel full of their antics.  I upload a lot for our family to see, but you are welcome to watch too!

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  1. This was great Kim! What a way to remember this age. A lot of what you said is similar to how I think of my daugther (19 months) right now too. Such a fun age!

  2. You’re son is exactly like mine… everything you said was to a T. I love it! And my son turns 2 in Jan. My daughter is 6 months. I just love watching them play together and seeing them grow up together is awesome! My favorite time with them is bath time because it seems like we all are able to bond together at the same time. It’s so fun having two under 2, but yet it can be hard at times. We are so lucky that God choose us to be the mothers of such wonderful children.

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